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Listening and speaking in the context of 'The secret of Success'
İntermediate B1 level


İn this lesson students will make some practice of listening about the 'secret of Success' from a radio programme.Then there will be a controlled speaking practice: SS will discuss in groups some question about 'success in life' given by the T.


Abc exercice HO
Abc exercice HO
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Main Aims

  • To provide inference listening practice using a text about 'secrets of being successful in life' in the context of Successful people examples through listening a radio programme.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in groups in the context of SS special skills ; İnterests; success in life.


Stage 1: lead in (5-7 minutes) • introducing the lesson, making the subject interesting

1)-T will show 3 pictures of famous (well-known) people and asks the SS : -Who are they ? -What do they have in common ? 2) T gives a HO of a small introduction from BBC focus magazine( İntermediate student's book speakout p81 ex.3a) -T let the SS read the introduction in 1 min -SS discuss in group : 'What is the secret of success '?

Stage 2: listening a radio programme (7-12 minutes) • gist listening

-SS will listen the radio programme ( speakout intermediate student's book p.81 ex. 3b) -Then ss will check their predictions in pairs -as a FB the T will elicit the answers.

stage 3 : Listening making inference (8-11 minutes) • Listening making inference

-T will give a HO (Speakout intermediate student's book p81 ex 3c) in order to complete the blanks while listening a second time 'the radio programme'. -SS check their answers in pairs. -an AK will be given by the T.

Stage 4 (5-7 minutes) • comprehension-practice

SS will be given a HO with true and false questions : ('Speakout intermediate student's book p81 ex 4a) -SS will read the statements individually for 3-4 minutes and decide if they are true or false. -SS will check their answers in group -an AK will be given by the T.

Stage 5 (5-10 minutes) • speaking-freer practice

-The class will be divied in 3 or 4 groups -T will give a HO to each group with 3 questions to discuss in groups('Speakout intermediate student's book p 81 ex 5') -T will monitor and take notes down for later correction (WC) -as FB someone from each group will come to the white board to share their ideas with the class. -T will correct the mistakes if necessary on the WB (WC).

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