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TP3 (Tuesday)
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn about business vocabulary and how to practise different types of reading


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Abc Balloon quiz

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of business vocabulary in the context of a tv contest

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about business vocabulary in the context of a tv competition
  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about business vocabulary in the context of a tv contest


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • to connect last lesson`s subject with the new vocabulary

I will ask the ss to watch the video and tell me afterwards what kind of programme it is and what it is about.

Pre-teach vocabulary (6-7 minutes) • to prepare the necessary vocabulary for the next task

I will ask the following questions in order to elicit the necessary vocabulary. 1. How much, do you think, does Trump earn in an month? (I will paint a 100.000 $ note on the board). What is another expression for "money, that we earn each month?-salary. (ELICIT) And when it has 6 figures, how do you think we call that kind of salary? a six figure salary. What is a salary? Do students earn a salary? Do businessmen earn a salary? Is a six- figure salary a lot of money? (CCQ) Can you repeat after me? Salary (Everybody/ The ones on the left/ on the right) (DRILL) salary (intonation on the first syllable (phonetic signs:/saləri/ ) n, (WRITE) 2. So, Letterman earns the money, because he is doing a good job. Now, what happens, if he doesn`t do his job? He`s getting...fired (ELICIT) Does that mean he`s burning? Does that mean he`s doing a good job? Does he need another job after getting fired? (CCQ) Can you repeat after me, please? The girls? The boys? The ones under twenty? The ones above twenty? Again? (DRILL) fire (phonetic:/fʌɪə/ ) n (WRITE) 3. And when you want a job, there are others, who want the same job. How do we call this situation? A...competition. And the people who all want the same job are? competitors (ELICIT) Do students compete to get into university? Will you compete to get job after finishing university? (CCQ) Can you repeat after me, please? to compete. Everybody? The ones in Jeans? The ones in other clothes)? Everybody? How did we call the money you get each month in a job? Everybody? (DRILL) What happens, if you don`t do your job? Repeat, please? (DRILL) 4. Competition can be so hard, that you feel like you`re visiting the devil in....? Wher does the devil live? Hell. (ELICIT) Do you feel good, when you feel like hell? Do you feel stressful? Is it a good feeling? (CCQ) Repeat after me: hell, The ones with something red on them. Everybody. The ones with glasses. The ones without glasses. (DRILL) hell (phonetic,/hɛl/ )n (WRITE) And if Letterman would be beautiful, would he participate in "Miss Turkey 2015)? What do we call this? A beauty......contest. And the people, who participate are....contestants (ELICIT) 5) Is Trump pretty enough to participate in "Miss Turkey 2014"? Is"Miss Turkey" a contest for people with a high IQ? Is it a contest for beautiful girls? (CCQ) Please repeat after me. Ladies? Gentlemen? Everybody?(DRILL) Are competition and contest similar words? Yes, they are. A contest is actually a kind of competition. contestant (n) (phonetic, /kənˈtɛst(ə)n/) (WRITE) 6) Before Letterman got his job, he worked for his master to learn how to do his job. So Letterman was an....apprentice. (The same with jedis, actually, it`s always master and apprentice) (ELICIT) Is the apprentice the boss? Is he the student? Will an apprentice have a high salary? Gain a lot of money? (CCQ) Please repeat: apprentice. All university students. Everybody. Everyone with sport shoes. Again? (DRILL) apprentice (phonetic,/əˈprɛntɪs/) n

"The Apprentice" text (2-3 minutes) • Gist reading

Before I give them the HOs, I will ask them which of their predictions is the right one. Then I will ask them to read the text quickly, (40 seconds) Which idea was right?

Balloon-Quiz (7-10 minutes) • Reading for detail

I will ask the ss to now read the text carefully considering these 10 questions (projection on the board) I will divide them into 2 groups. (3 min.) There will be wrong and right answers on balloons. The ss should make all balloons with wrong answers explode and write the right answers on the board. The team who has the most right answers, wins. After that, I will check the answers with the ss.

Exercise 1B (5 minutes) • To use the new vocabulary

I will ask them to fill in the blanks of the exercise. Then I´ll pair them up and ask them to cross-check.

Discussion /1C (5-10 minutes) • To use the new vocabulary

I will subdivide the ss into 2 groups, then I will ask them the exercise questions (Would apply to be on a programme like this? Why/ Why not? Ask each other and collect ideas. They may read the text again, if they like. Then I nominate ss to share their ideas on the board and maybe discuss them with the other groups.

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