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Fame and fashion
B2 Upper- Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will get a lot of speaking practice through different activities. First, I will show them flu picture of Nur Yerlitas and they are going to guess who is she. Students will discuss about being famous and the fashion. This is fallowed by guessing, discussing, and presenting activites.


Main Aims

  • Students gain speaking skills while discussing about fame and fashion.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To developed spoken fluency throug different speaking activites.


Warmer/Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I am going to hang pictures of gucci shoose, armani parf├╝me, prada hand bag,channel earings, hanrry dress,and mango hat as a circle on the board. I will ask the students the names of the chlotes and I am going to ask students what are they related to ? I assume that students will answer this question as fashion.

Pre-Speaking Activity (4-5 minutes) • To prepare students for the speaking activity

I will hang a picture of Nur Yerlitas in the center of the circle by hiding.I will open the picture slowly. Next, I am going to want to students to guess who she is? After they answer the question I am going to ask '' Is she a famous person ? Why do you think she is famous? ''I assume that students will answer these questions as she is a fashion designer and she has been working as a fashion designer for a long time.

While Speaking (16-18 minutes) • To prepare students to discuss on the given questions

I will tell students; Now I'm going to play a video. It is about a hundred years of American fahion. I will say '' Please watch this video carefully because, after you watch this video I will want you to discuss about a hundred years of American fashion. While watching you may take notes. Because, while you are discussing about this video it helps you''. Then I will play the video. ( 2 m. 40 s) After students watch the video I will hang the pictures of each ten years fashion on the white board. Then, I will give the questions related to the video to students to discuss as pairs. I will give students five minutes to finish the speaking activity. Questions are listed below : 1. What does affect changing of fadshion? 2. What would you change in 2015, if you were a fashion designer? 3. What are the differences between in 1915 and in 1985? 4. What are the similarities and differences between Turkish fashion and American fashion in 2015? The discussion session is completed by the students I will invite the pairs to the board to discuss their questions as the whole class. Students can agree or not agree with the pairs.

Post Speaking (18-20 minutes) • To allow students to criticize with given adjectives

Now, I will say '' we are going to do an activity. I want you to act like Nur Yerlitas''. Then I will hang two pictures of Nur Yerlitas. One of them is a happy picture of her and the other one is a sad picture of her. And I will write '' fashionable, in style, groovy '' under the happy picture of Nur Yerlitas. I will write '' out of fashion, old fashioned, behind the times.'' under the sad picture of Nur Yerlitas. I will say I will give you blank pappers and markers. I want you to design a dress with accessories. You have five minutes to complete this task. After you finish your drowing your friends are going to give points to your design. And the winner will be the best fashion designer of the day! Students will work individually. I will give five minutes to students to design their dresses. I will give ten minutes for criticizing , voiting, choosing the best design.

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