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The Mind - Analyse the Results of a Quiz
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will learn new vocabulary, with reading and listening exercises. They will listen to a recording after a quiz they will complete, and they will be developing their listening for specific information skills, so that they can analyse the quiz results.


Abc Brain Facts / Reading Hand Out
Abc Quiz
Abc Questions Hand Out
Abc Recording
Abc W/B

Main Aims

  • Speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading Listening Vocabulary


Lead in (2-5 minutes) • To get students focused on today's subject

I will ask students to recall what they have discussed in John's lesson about genders and brain functions. I will let them know today's topic and give them H/O ''Brain Facts''. I will let them read for 1 minute and ask what they think about it. I will make sure they understood that the brain is in two halves, ask them if they think they are right or left brained, why?

Quiz (7-10 minutes) • Elicit new vocabulary

I will put students in pairs, preferably male/female, and will give quiz A to one of the student and quiz B to the partner. I will make them sit facing each other, so that they do not see each other's quiz questions. I will elicit words which might be unknown to them i.e. judging - task - intuition - visualise - jump around (in a magazine or news-paper) One group will use the quiz to interview the other, and vice versa, not telling each other the results.

Pre-Listening (2-5 minutes) • To prepare students for unkown words

Prior to listening I will elicit some of the words which I think they may have problems understanding. i.e.linear thinking / logical thinking / verbal skills / the big picture

Listening (8-10 minutes) • Develop students Specific Information Listening Skills

I will give them H/O ex 2a to mark L for left sided and R for right sided brain specifications. I will play the record. W/C we will discuss and decide what features left and right brained people have.

Analysing the Results of Quiz - Post Listening (8-10 minutes) • To make students speak about the results of the quiz

With the H/O ''Useful Language'' phrases they already have, I will ask them to use the phrases to explain their partners the results of his/her quiz.

Wrapping Up (5-8 minutes) • To make students further speak in groups using ex 4

The students will have further discussions related to Ex4 in small groups using ''Useful Language''. I will ask for FB to be discussed W/C.

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