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Rod Turner TP2: Millionaires (Reading Ex)
English Pre-Intermediate level


Give students practice in reading an article to understand the context and looking for specific information. The students will do exercises relating to the reading material.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and deduction reading practice using a text about money in the context of millionaires

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of lexis in the context of money expressions


Warmer/Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • Set the context of the article

I will start off by showing a picture a rich couple to elicit words associated with wealth. I will also be asking what does it mean to be rich Then I will get into the context of what a millionaire is. I will ask them: how many zeros are in a million? What is a multi-millionaire?

WB Excercise (5-7 minutes) • To continue to top of millionaires and get students motivated for the article

I'm going to continue the topic of millionaires by asking the group to get into pairs and list some some ways that you can make a million dollars? ex. inherit, lotto, marry, work, game show

Reading Exercise (10-15 minutes) • To get students reading article and testing what they learned by answer some questions

After setting up the context of millionaires, I will get into an article that copied from the Inside Out book. I will have students get in groups and read the article. From there I will have them answer sections two (WB matching exercise) and three of the reading exercise. Define sympathize: to feel or show support for or approval of something. Note: I will fold the paper in half so the students will not see the lexis section until later.

Lexis Exercise (10-15 minutes) • To continue to work with the article but work on the lexis part to provide practice on lexis related to money.

I will ask the groups to form new groups and answer the Lexis: Money expressions sections of the reading. They will look at the other folded part of the paper I handed out. Section one: They will underline all of the words that are associated with money. I will ask who got the most and tell it to the class. Section two: Then I will have them fill out the missing words and have some students (most likely the early finishers) come to board and write an answer that they got.

If Time Activity: Billionaires (0-10 minutes) • Discuss how wealthy the richest people are in modern times

Similar to how I will ask about millionaires, I will ask the students if they know how much a billion is. I will show pictures of Billionaires and ask the class if they know who they are, how they made their money and how many billions they have. 1. Bill Gates, Microsoft, $82.3B (Riches person in the world) 2. Steve Jobs, Apple, $7B when he died 3. Mark Zuckerberg, FaceBook, $33B (14th richest) 4. Oprah Winfrey, TV Personality, $3B 5. Larry Page, Google, $30B (20 richest) If more time permits, I will ask them if they can list what comes after a billion.

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