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Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • Lexis - qualifications; listening: people and intelligence; speaking: talking about qualifications

Subsidiary Aims

  • personal: to try out active teach


Warmer - introduction • Set context while introducing myself

Tell sts about your background in education and work experience. Give them a copy of your resume???? Ask if I am qualified to be a teacher? Review qualified, qualify and qualification as needed. Discuss question 1A in pairs. Which jobs require a lot of qualifications?

Short text reading • to question qualifications

Lead-in question: Who earns a PhD in the story? Read story. Who earned the PhD? Why did Steve Eichel get his cat a doctorate? Now, divide in pairs and do Ex. 2A p. 86. Have each group do one or two words (depending on size of class) report to class on the meaning of bolded words.

Do qualifications = intelligence? • Listening comprehension practice

Discussion ? Do you know people who have lots of qualifications but are not intelligent? Why does that happen? Listen to recording. 3B: what do they talk about? 3C Answer questions. Play recording again to check. 1. He can sell things in 15 languages. 2. One friend built his own house; another built his own car. 3.They show people are motivated and dedicated enough to complete a course. 4. These give you an amazing education, too.

Skip 4A
Pronunciation - stress • To gain practice in understanding how stress can add meaning

Do exercises 4 B and 4 C In My view - to stress that this is my opinion - it may be different than that of others. I DO think - Ok, the other side has a good point, BUT . . . I MUST say - It cannot be forgotten - I'm going to make an important point For ONE thing - there are good reasons - maybe many - to argue this side. 4C In my view, thats a real practical kind of intelliegence I do think qualifications are useful in some ways I must say, real life experience - traveling meeting people - gives you an amazing education too. For one thing, they show you are able to complete a course.

Cloze (45-50 minutes) • Practice clarifying opinions

Do individually, check in pairs - Exercise 5B P. 87

break • to relax!
Referring to what you said earlier (60-70 minutes) • To learn how to harken back to what one has said previously

Ex 6, P. 87 Script is on page 172 of student book. a-2 b-3 c-1 Check as class Ex. 7 Having said that Like I Said That's what I was saying Pair check, then check as class

Speaking Tour guide candidates (70-95 minutes) • To give students guided practice in discussing qualifications

Warm-up: What would it be like to hire people? Would it be easy or hard? Why? Would you always find perfectly qualified candidates? What happens if no one has all of the qualifications? Ex. 8 A: What qualifications are mentioned? Prediction question: Do you think any candidate will meet ALL of the qualifications? Do a count-off to mix groups for this one. Ex. 8B and 8C Monitor - have each group decide who should get it and why.

Create a help wanted ad (95-110 minutes) • to give students practice using qualification words

Has anyone here ever had to do any hiring? What were the challenges? Was it easy to find qualified people? If not, what do you think would be the most important tasks? What are some interesting jobs? Brainstorm. Put jobs on board. Divide class into groups of three. Tell students they are going to create an ad similar to the one on ex. 8a. They can chose the job, or pick one from the list on the board. Think of what the qualifications would be. Make a help wanted ad.

break • to relax
Water Ski Challenge - DVD preview (120-130 minutes) • To prepare sts for the Water Ski Challenge DVD

First, what is a charity? How do people raise money for charities? In pairs, discuss what sports you like. What are the hardest sports? Ex. 2A Find out how Christine Bleakley is going to raise money for charity. Read. How is Bleakley going to raise money for charity? (ski across the English Channel) Do you think she will be able to do it?

Listen to DVD • To check comprehension of DVD

Preview question has been asked (do you think she'll make it?) so watch DVD. did she make it? Yes. Pair work: Ex. 3. Choose the correct summary. Individ. Work or pair work if I jigsaw this: Ex. 4a Skip Ex. 4B 4D Discuss in pairs: What do you think of what Christine achieved? Would you do something like this to help people in Africa?

SpeakOut • More listening comprehension practice

Ensemble work: Ex. 5A Individual Work: Listen again and do Ex. 5B

Talk about a challenge (150-170 minutes) • To give students freer practice in speaking about experiences

Preparation: Individual work - ask students if they can think about a recent thing they did that was very challenging. Maybe tell them about CELTA. Sample a few. Now look at questions on 5C. Tell students to write a few notes. Monitor. Now break into groups of 3. Tell each other about your challenges. Who had funny or interesting challenges? Take a sampling from the groups. Perhaps ask one student to report on another's experience.

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