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Travel to Izmir
Elementary, A1 level level


In this lesson, first, some pictures are shown (lead-in). The teacher elicits some vocabulary items from the Ss through applying ECDW technique and provides the context for speaking. Then, 4 pictures in one slide are shown to the Ss and they are asked to talk about these famous sight seeings in Izmir in pairs. Next, they play a game in which they are supposed to guess the picture on the board as their peers describe each picture. After that, they will have a role play in which one student plays the role of a tourist and the other one plays the role of a tour guide in pairs. After that, they play their roles in front of the class as feedback. The teacher should apply proper feedback techniques as well as monitoring and error correction.


Abc Handout, video projector, laptop, markers

Main Aims

  • To improve Ss' speaking skill in the context of Travelling to Izmir

Subsidiary Aims

  • To familiarize Ss with the vocabulary items which they will apply in speaking tasks.


Warmer/Lead-in (6-8 minutes) • To make Ss interested in the topic of the lesson by setting the context.

Some pictures are shown and the Ss are asked to express their ideas about the pictures. To provide the opportunity to elicit the new vocabulary items using ECDW technique through showing some pictures.

Exposure (6-10 minutes) • To provide the opportunity for every Ss to express their ideas by looking at the pictures.

Ss will see some pictures about different popular sight-seeings in Izmir. Then, they are asked to speak and express their opinions in pairs. Finally, as feedback, one member of each pair will say their ideas for the whole class.

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To provide the situation for Ss to speak for coming productive tasks.

Some pictures will be shown on the board using the video projector. One student will sit in front of the other peers and he/she won't see the board. Other Ss try to describe the picture and help him/her guess the place or food. Monitoring and error correction should be taken into account.

Productive Task(s) (10-12 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to speak in pairs and express their ideas freely.

Ss will work in pairs. One member in each pair plays the role of a tourist who has come to Izmir for a week and the other one plays the role of a tour guide. The tourist asks some questions and the guide answers and tries to help him/her. Feedback: each pair will stand at the front of the class and they play their roles. Monitoring and error correction should be taken into account.

Feedback and Error Correction (3-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

After each stage, the teacher needs to provide the appropriate feedback for the Ss. Moreover, error correction should be applied too.

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