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Countable & uncountable nouns, some & any
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, SS practice countable and uncountable nouns as well as determiners some and any. The lesson starts with my personal story about the ingredients of a Turkish food as a warm up and SS should guess what the dish is. Accordingly, some questions will be given to discover the grammar rule about "countable" and "uncountable" nouns as well as "some" and "any" (grammar will be taught through guided discovery). Following the doing of the exercises in the book, speaking exercise will be set up for SS. FB will be also given.


Abc Global Pre-Intermediate
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Main Aims

  • To provide the rules and explanation about countable and uncountable nouns as well as the determiners, some and any.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking fluency


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To engage the SS

I tell SS a story about a dish that I had at a Turkish restaurant. I give them a hand-out (I ask them to fold it and look at only the left side) which has the ingredients and in pairs they should guess what the dish was. I have depicted "drill", "cumin" and "cloves of garlic". I write the answers on the WB.

guided discovery of grammar (14-15 minutes) • To discover countable and uncountable nouns.

I ask SS to unfold the hand-out and answer the first 3 questions with regard to the ingredients. Then after checking the answers, I want them to answer the fill-in gap exercise and find the difference between countable and uncountable nouns (in each stage, I want SS to check the answers in groups).Then, by looking at 8 sentences, they should fill in gaps and find the rule about "some" and "any". Feedback will be given.

Grammar (14-15 minutes) • To provide practice on countable and uncountable nouns as well as "some" and "any"

SS do ex. 1 which is about countable and uncountable nouns. They check the answers in pairs. Instruction will be set-up clearly. SS will do ex. 2 and then they check the answers in groups. Feedback will be given and they do the gap-fill exercise on p. 135.

Speaking (9-10 minutes) • To practice speaking fluency.

I'll set up the ex.1 clearly and I'll mention that they shouldn't write whole sentences. I'll give them time to make notes. Then, for part 2, I'll change the groups to make SS interact with different people. SS should tell their story for their partner. Meanwhile, I am monitoring them.

Feedback (3-4 minutes)

I'll ask SS the following questions. Did anyone have the same dish as their partner? Did anyone hear about a new dish they would like to try?

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