Abdelwahab Abdelwahab

Unit (1)- Hello everybody!
Beginner level


In this lesson the students are going to learn about how to introduce themselves to others and ask them personal information.


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Main Aims

  • Speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar- Use of am, is, are/ my, you, his, her (long & short forms)


Lead in (1-2 minutes) • Introduce the topic to the students

- introduce yourself to the students, as follows: * Hello. I'm Abdelwahab. - choose a student and ask him "What's your name?" - Repeat the same with two more students

Listening (5-8 minutes) • Listening for gist

- Tell the students that they are going to listen to a conversation between two persons. - Ask the sts to read while listening to the text on unit 1, pg 6, text 1. -give the sts the short form of I'm/ he's/ she's. - ask the students to work in pairs and read the text as a dialogue. -get the students feedback by asking them personalize the conversation. - monitor the sts and do delayed error correction.

This is.... (10-15 minutes) • Introducing a person to others

- tell the students they are going to learn how to introduce a person to another person. - choose two students and act conversation 1, pg 7. -Ask the students to read while listening to the text. - Play the text 1.3, pg 7. - play the text again and ask the students to listen and repeat. - ask the students to work in groups and practice the dialogue.

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