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Ceyda TP7
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn and practice lexical items in the context of big events. Practice tasks consist of controlled, semi controlled and free speaking activities.


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Main Aims

  • To learn and practice lexis in the context of big events

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice in the context of big events


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Hold a picture of a birthday. Elicit the words 'event' and 'celebration' from the students. Explain that todays class will be about events and celebrations.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through speaking

Give the students pictures of 6 events from the work sheet, the students will discuss in groups what different events and celebrations they can see in the pictures and which ones they would want to attend and why. Get feedback from the class

Useful Language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

Students in pairs will do 1b. Put the pictures of the events and celebration on the WB, give cards with the descriptions on them. As the students to put the put the correct description under the correct pictures. Their knowledge will be tested on the words used in the description. Unknown words will be taught.

Lexis Practice (18-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice lexis in the context of Big Events

The students will get two sets of cards. In pairs the students will match the extreme adjectives with their equivalents. e/g. Hugh - Very large. The students will then do a gap filling exercise using the extreme adjectives from the previous task. The teacher will write a - l on the board and the early finisher will come up to the board and write the answers. The teacher gets error and feedback from the students. Writes the words on the board and drills.

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