Sarra Cherif Sarra Cherif

CELTA 2015 - TP 2
Elementary level


In this lesson ss will practise their reading and speaking skills to talk about different seasons and seasonal activities.


Abc Blu Tack
Abc Hand outs
Abc White board
Abc Projector
Abc Answer Key
Abc Laminated pictures of seasons
Abc Headway Student book

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson ss will have practised reading for specific information and controlled speaking in the context of seasons

Subsidiary Aims

  • By th end of the lesson students will practise controlled speaking and free actvities about present simple use with 3rd person singular as well as answering and asking yes or no questions/ Wh questions.


Lead in activity (5-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic and to interest students

- T puts pictures about seasons all over the room - Ss try to guess the topic. - T uses example from Ex1 p 32 for the group activity - T elicits the seasons and months from Ss _ models and drills

Pre- teach vocabulary (7-7 minutes) • Prepare student for text

- T ellicit : * Sunbathing ( mime) * Warm (Set context July is hot / May is warm) * Cool: ( January is cold / March is cool) * Festival: Show picture of Carthage festival and ask questions * Joke: refer to LearnEnglish joke page * Amaizing: Set context surprised vs amaized ( mime)

Jigsaw reading (15-15 minutes) • Reading for specific information

- Ss work in groups of 4 each with different text - Answer the questions related to their text - Ask other students about their text: 1 student from each group - Ss to find answer keys (The corridor) - T to check if activity is easy / difficult

Reading for specific information (10-10 minutes) • To the msitakes

- T asks students to read passages ( in groups) - Ss to identify mistakes - Ss to check each other answers - ss to find answer key underneath their seats

Free practise (7-8 minutes) • To practise

- SS to look at " What d you think activity" - T demonstrates - Students work in open pairs ( Mingle_ music background) - Ss report about their partner

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