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Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will review and practice the use of present simple and present continuous in the context of job hunting. The lesson starts with showing pictures to clarify the meaning of both TL tenses. Then Ss will do controlled practice and speaking practice on the present continuous and present simple.


Abc Controlled Practice HOs

Main Aims

  • • To review and practice the present simple and present continuous in the context of job-hunting

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice controlled speaking for accuracy
  • To practice reading (skimming and scanning )


warmer (1-2 minutes) • to link the previous lesson with mine

- I will ask general questions like: - Do you think that David has a job now? - What could you do if you were him?

Lead In (3-4 minutes) • to set the context of TL

- Displaying a picture of a teacher then asking questions on it, like: what does she do? Does she teach children? What time does she come to school -Displaying another picture for the lady playing tennis, followed by questions like: What is she doing now? Does she feel happy? Is she playing football? -FB

Controlled Practice (3-4 minutes) • to recognize the meaning of the present simple and present continuous

- Holding a HO that includes questions on the meaning of the pre-mentioned tenses - Giving instructions to inform Ss what to do - Using ICQ - SS work in pairs to answer the HO and check -Eliciting answers from Ss

Grammaer (12-14 minutes) • to recognize the meaning, structure and pron. of the present simple and present continuous

1- Asking Ss to do Exc.4 after I explained it to them - Eliciting answers from Ss (using colored pages) -Using CCQ like: is it happening at the moment? What is he going to do after that? -When does he do this? 2- Dividing SS into 4 groups, then asking them to classify some verbs into state verbs or action verb 3. doing some drills on pron.: by miming, repetition in chorus, groups and individually

Controlled Practice (7-9 minutes) • to practice skimming and scanning to use the TL structures

-Giving instructions on how to handle a HO(exc6.a) -SS skim through the email to answer the pre-reading questions -Asking students to work individually to put the verbs in the correct form -Monitoring the class and giving help to correct errors -FB

Controlled speaking (10-14 minutes) • to practice speaking using the simple present and present continuous in the context of job activities

-Giving clear instructions on what the Ss should do -ICQ -Ss are divided into two groups, each group should form correct questions -Each member of each group should ask and answer the questions of his partner in the second group -Asking ss to work in pairs to discuss " which person's job" is better? -Monitoring the whole class

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