Mehiar Mehiar

Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will practice the use of present perfect and past simple in the context of interesting things they have/haven't done. The lesson starts with examples from my own life, then eliciting some follow-up questions from Ss. Then Ss will do freer speaking practice to talk about interesting things they have or haven't done yet. After that, Ss will try guessing who has/hasn't done some actions while playing a game.


Abc Exc. 10 and 11

Main Aims

  • To practice speaking for fluency and accuracy in the context of interesting things that have/haven't been done

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice present perfect and past simple


Lead In (6-9 minutes) • To set the context of TL

- I will stick a card on the board that has four different sentences about things that i have/haven't done ( I have drunk the Turkish tea, I have driven a Ferrai car, I haven't visited the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, I haven'e seen any Turkish film) - I will encourage the SS to guess which are which through questions - Then I will ask the students to ask me questions about those things that I have/haven't done

freer activity (13-15 minutes) • to practice speaking using the present perfect and simple past

-I will divide Ss into groups, and each one should write three sentences on something interesting he/she has done, and another three on something interesting he hasn't done yet - I will ask Ss to say their sentences to the whole group -I will be moving around while Ss are engaged to check the progress of work and to correct their mistakes (if any) -then I will elicit some examples they heard ( good and bad ones) and ask them which is which and to correct the mistakes

Game (7-9 minutes) • to identify who has/hasn't done something

-I will give the SS the instructions -I will put all the sentences of each group in a bag, and then a student should pick up a sentence and should say who has/hasn't done this thing -I will move around to observe the activity

Forming questions (8-12 minutes) • to practice using the simple past and present perfect in questions

-I will write two sentences on the board ( I have visited Gawaher Mall), and ( I haven't been to Italy) -SS will be encouraged to ask me questions about those actions -Then i will ask them to do the same in (PW) -Asking Ss to change their partner -Eliciting some examples on the board for FB

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