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listening and vocabulary.
intermediate level


Students are going to listen to a description of some activities that will take place during the Chinese new year.There will also be a discussion related to their last New Year's Eve, How did they spend it? with whom? which is the most memorable N Y Eve and why? There will also be a vocabulary lesson in which the students will be introduced to new words related to (do/make) and the different usages of them.


Abc white board
Abc hand out
Abc CD track.

Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about festival

Subsidiary Aims

  • For the learners to talk as much as they can about their previous festivals activities using the terms of do/make.


lead in-free discussion. (8-12 minutes) • practice the learners abilities to talk and express themselves.

In this stage I'll start by using the white board -finally ^_^- , I'll write two words : festivals and parties. then ask my learners what they know about both words? if they are different and why?which is they prefer and why? and so on. and then think about a memorable N Y Eve. where were they?who were they with? what did they do?

listening exercise. (8-10 minutes) • to practice their receptive skills.

The Sts will work in pairs on exercise number 2. they will discuss some statements regarding C N Y E and and tell what they think is true or false. Then learners will listen to CD track. talking about Chinese's New Year events to correct what wasn't right.

group discussion. (3-6 minutes) • encourage the learners to practice the TL

Talking about some festivals around the world rather than just festivals in their own country- since they are all from Turkey - as exercise No. 3 said.

vocabulary. (5-8 minutes) • To practice the different usages for "do" and "make"

a pair work in exercise 1 and 2 then answering the questions, then changing partners. then vegetables will ask fruits this question. then in turns fruits will ask vegetables.

Group exercise. (3-5 minutes) • To test Sts knowledge

to offer a chance for the learners to practice their knowledge do and make. I'll write the two words in the white board, and ask them to use the words in exercise (vocabulary No.3) to see which one goes with do and which with make. the Sts will write on the WB what they think.

pair work. (3-5 minutes) • To use their writing skills

Sts will work in pairs. each pair with six words to write down six examples. using the words they just categorized. and I'll be watching them :)

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