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Jobs lesson, Vocabulary
Pre-Intermediate, A2 level


In this lesson, students will learn the difference between job, work and carrer and also they will learn some phrases related to jobs. At the beginnig of the lesson they will remember some jobs by playing a game. After that,they will work in pairs and play a guessing game. Then they will do two different controlled exercises. Finally they will do a speaking activity to use the target vocabulary.


Abc Exercise 1
Abc Exercise 2
Abc Exercise 3
Abc Exercise 4

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of words and phrases related to job in the context of jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of jobs.


Lead-in • To arouse students' interests about the topic to link the target vocabulary effectively.

First, greet students and tell them that they will play a game. I will write some letters on the board randomly. While they are waiting curiously, I will divide them into two groups. I will tell them: "Work in groups. Find a job name starting with one of the letters." I will give an example before they start. At the end of the game, the gruop which founds more jobs will win.

Speaking • To warm-up students by arousing interest about the topic to link to the target vocabulary.

In this satge, I will divide the class into two groups (probably there will be 6 students in each group.). I will give everyone a description of a job. There will be six different jobs in each group. Students will read the instrucions to their group members, and they will try to guess which job it is.

Test-Teach Vocabulary • To introduce new vocabulary to the students related to jobs.

Firstly, I will write: work for work in work with on the board. Then I will give them some phrases ( the government, a difficult boss, a fizzy drink company, a large factory, a small office, nice people, my father) and ask them to match the phrases. When they finish it, I will give them Exercise 2 and ask them work in pairs. I will give them five minutes and monitor them to check in which parts they have problems. When they finish the activity, I will tell them the difference between those three words in the exercise ( job, work, career).

Test-Teach Vocabulary • To introduce new phrases to the students related to jobs.

Firstly, I will give students Exercise 3 and ask them to work in pairs. They will match the phrases in the exercise. When they finish matching, they will check theirs answer within their groups. I will try to elicit the meaning of phrases. I will use CCQs. (eg. He is out of work. Does he have a job now?) After that, I will drill the the phrase and then full sentence.

Production- Speaking • To practice the use of the target vocabulary in different sentences.

I will give students the Exercise 4 and ask them to work in pair. Students will ask the questions to their partners and and take small notes. At the end of the the activity I will give a WC FB and finish the lesson.

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