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Getting to Know Family and Places
A1 level


This is my first teacher practice. I will be in a team of three teachers teaching beginner students family names and some items in a room or dorm room setting.


Abc Sound Clips
Abc Whiteboard
Abc Complete sentences about the text HO
Abc Across Cultures HO -- Reading Text
Abc Listening HO to emphasize THIS

Main Aims

  • To present "this" and some vocabulary items for common items, with practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about about student life.


Warmer/Lead-in (0-3 minutes) • Engage the students in discussions about homes

I will show the first picture of house versus apartment/flat. I will also say these are examples of homes where people live. I will ask if President Erdogan or Queen Elizabeth lives in one of these types of homes? Where do they live? Expected answer: A castle or a palace. Show a picture of Dolmabanche Palace. There's me and my prince Douglas. Do you think I live here? Who lived here? The last Sultan Abdülmecid Efendi lived there in 1924. Did Mustafa Kemal Pasha live there? Yes. 3 minutes

Where do people eat, sleep, and work? With Drilling (0-5 minutes) • To pre-teach vocabulary kitchen, restaurant, bed, desk.

I will show pictures of kitchen and restaurant. True or False. A kitchen is in your home. (True) A restaurant is in your home. (False) What is this? A bed. This is a bed. (Repeat after me.) This is a bed. What is this? A desk. This is a desk. (Repeat after me.) This is a desk. GW the students in 3 different groups--house, apartment, and castle. Time estimate -- 5 minutes

Reading the Across Cultures Text (0-5 minutes) • To practice gist reading.

Give instructions to read the text alone. You will read this text to get the gist of it. No dictionaries. This will take 5 minutes. ICQ--Will you read or write? Will you read alone or in your groups? They will gist read the text for 5 minutes alone.

Controlled Practice (0-3 minutes) • To practice inferene reading to learn information

The students will work in their groups to answer the questions about the reading.

Feedback (0-4 minutes) • to provide free writing practice

When each group finishes their questions, they will answer at the WB according to the following: The castle group will answer number 1 at the board, since they live at home and enjoy mom's cooking. The house group will answer 2 and 3. The apartment/flat group will answer 4 and 5. ICQ: Are they right?

Practice • to strengthen open and closed

Ss will work in threes. They will select an item and see if they can purchase this item at 2:00 in the morning in Istanbul.

Listening (0-5 minutes) • Introduction of this in a listening piece.

Split the groups into pairs. "You and you together" I will play 1, 21 and they will answer together WC. I will play 1, 22 and they will find the items on their picture. ICQ -- Is this a chair? Yes Is this a door? (Window) No Is this a bed? Yes. This is a bed? What's this? It's a desk. What else is this? It's a picture. What's this? It's a window? This is a window. W Pairs -- Part 2b and 3. Practice saying to each other "This is a _____" "What's This?" "It's a desk." 5 Minutes

Controlled Practice (0-10 minutes) • Pull together words from lessons 1 and 2

Work the crossword puzzle that strengthens vocabulary about where people live and who they live with.

Controlled Practice (0-10 minutes) • To practice use of this and introduce that.

Take items from our purses, wallets, bags. And practice saying "this is a _____" Other will ask "What's that?"

Drilling • practice words


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