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Shamim Bazoobandi.24 Oct 2016. Celebrity heroes
Upper-Interidiate. Grade 6. B2 level


In this lesson students will learn about a new reading text through different realias such as pictures and cut of words which are about "Celebrity heroes" and also they will learn about some new vocabularies related to the text which will help them in speaking.


Abc Hand outs
Abc Cut up words and definitions

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Celebrity heroes in the context of Famous people and Celebrity Worship Syndrome

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation and debate in the context of famous people and Celebrity Worship Syndrome


Pre-reading (lead in) (5-10 minutes) • The porpose of the lead in here is to familiarize students with the topic and to make them intrested to talk about it.

I will start by showing them some pictures about some famous celebrities and start eliciting their names and start by saying: guys I have a crush on this guy (show the picture) I love him so much, do you know him? Yes/No , we call an actor/actress a………(celebrity). After I showed them the pictures, in pairs they will discuss: who is your favorite celebrity? And why? After asking these questions they will look at the board and answer exercise 1 on page 86 ,by going around the class and ask each other the questions. They will change pairs and ask each other questions in ex2 which also is on projector.This will also elicit the word "celebrity" and it’s a good warm up about the reading text and the subject.

Pre-teach vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • The aim of Pre-teaching vocabulary by using cut up words is to help students to learn the new vocabulary autonomously

I will pair the class up and give each pair 6 words and 6 definitions so they could match together. I elicit the new vocabulary from the reading also let them learn words autonomously. After they finished, the answers will be on the board with word stress and phonological graph so they will check the answers . I will CCQ the vocabulary by telling them to ask each other yes/no questions about the new words.

While reading(reading for gist) (2-3 minutes) • Students read the passage very fast to skim for the general idea or some general questions

They will look at the projector and they will read the reading and chose a good topic in pairs. They will check the answer which is on the board.This would be their skimming task to read fast and to find a topic for the reading.

While reading (reading for detail) (5-10 minutes) • The aim of this stage is to make studnests read the whole text very closely and to undrstand the details and to undrestand it in depth.

Reading handouts will be given to them and they have to read closely to put the paragraphs in order they will check in pairs also the answers will be on the board. They will be divided by different colors they are wearing and in pairs/groups they will do exercise 3 without looking at the reading, they will check the answers. These will be my close reading activities.

Post-reading (10-15 minutes) • The aim here is to make them use the new words in real life situations and contarctwith each other.

At the end, they will turn their chairs in opposite direction and ask each other the question number 4. Early finishers will talk to each other and share their ideas. Finally, I will ask CCQ about words they have learnt again. The words will be on the board ( with word stress and phonological grams)they will repeat the words chorally.

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