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Saleema Amza, speaking lesson
intermediate level


In this lesson, ss will be engaged in S focused on news that appears in newspapers.


Abc activity sheet for reading and vocabulary

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about bank robbery in the context of law & order

Subsidiary Aims

  • vocabulary


Lead-in 2-3 minutes (2-3 minutes) • to elicit the word editor.

T elicits the word "editor" and elicits what the editor does. T Shows SS H/O of a newspaper. Tell the students that they work for the editorial team of a newspaper & they are going to put together their newspaper. T elicits some ideas about how editors choose stories for their newspapers by asking SS. What kind of stories does editor select?

Pre- teach vocab (3-4 minutes) • introduce vocab

T tells that SS will choose some stories. The following questions will be asked to elicit some vocabulary and parts of speech and written on W/b if necessary. 1. Do you like Tom Cruise movies? What kind of movies are they? Elicit the word thriller. 2.T elicit the word violent by asking SS what happens when people are injured in a protest. Is it a happy protest? 3'. An unclothed person posing for a photo or for a painting? .Elicit the word naked/nude. 4..Elicit the word drug by asking what is heroin? T drills any difficult items & put them on w/b if necessary eliciting parts of speech, stress (where appropriate.) 5.Elicit the word tax by asking, does anyone one of you pay money to the government ?

Preparation to speak (2-3 minutes) • SS choose stories for their newspapers.

SS get into groups of 3 or 4. 1.T shows 2 types of colored H/O and tells that they are the outline for their newspaper stories.SS. and give them for 2 speaking exercise. 2.T asks all the Ss to decide on 1 main story for a front page and a secondary story for a front page. SS work alone to choose the above 2 stories and think of reasons to support their choices. ICQ What do you do?

Group activity (4-5 minutes) • speaking 1

In their group before the activity ask them to decide as to which newspaper they are going to write and which stories will be popular and make people want to buy their newspaper T elecit the name of the newspaper by asking what's your newspaper? encourage and elicit ss to use I'd like, we would 1.I think we should use the factory story. 2.I'd prefer to use the police story. 3.I'd like to use the cigarette story as my second front-page story.. 4.I wouldn't mind using thieves story.

Group activity (7-8 minutes) • speaking 1

T elicits other items by asking, 1.What else will make the front page look attractive? 2.Would you like to have a phot for your newspaper. 3.T gives them the photo and let them discuss and choose a picture for the main story and a picture for the second story and encourages them to decide what kind of newspaper they are. 4.T gives the white paper to SS. Encourage them to decide on a layout. ICQ Have you decided on a layout? 5.SS write the headline & organize the photos. if ss finishes fast ask them to look at other stories from the list and choose which one to use on other papers..and which one to leave out.

Choosing representative to speak (20-22 minutes) • speaking

1.T asks ss to choose a representative for their newspaper. 2.The representative stays with the front page. 3. Re group the other ss so they are split around the different newspaper. 4.The represetative explains their choice of other ss. 5. T monitors and takes notes.on any errors. T takes general fb.about what they thought about other newspapers. If there is time ss can move around and visit other groups. If there is time put the errors T noted on the W/b & get the ss to correct them.

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