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Breaking news-vocabulary
Intermediate-B1 level


In this lesson, some vocabularies of newspaper are reviewed and some new are introduced to Ss through reading two short passages about newspapers, first one with true-false and the second with gap-filling exercise. Then they discuss some questions about the same topic. The lesson starts with a short reading passage on newspaper owners for which students do a true-false exercise, i.e. controlled practice . Then students fill the gaps in another short passage about two popular newspapers choosing the words from the list given, i.e. controlled practice. Following that there are some questions for students to discuss, i.e. speaking for fluency.


Abc While-reading and post-reading HO
Abc the reading "Did you know?" HO
Abc Vocabulary matching HO
Abc pre-reading vocabulary list HO

Main Aims

  • To provide practice and review of newspaper vocabulary in the context of newspaper

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion in the context of newspaper
  • To provide detailed and scan reading practice using a text about Newspaper Owners in the context of News Companies
  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Two famous UK newspapers in the context of neswspaper


Lead-in (7-9 minutes) • To prepare students for vocabularies in the context of newspaper

Ss are asked about the recent news in Turkey and where they read about it. After some ideas including newspaper are elicited in w/c FB, they are asked what they know about foreign newspapers which is followed by the picture of front pages of two famous newspapers "the Sun" and "Daily Telegraph" shown to them. Then the title "Breaking new" is elicited from the w/c. Afterward, HO's with five true/false statements are passed around and Ss discuss in PW if they are true or false. Following that the "Did you know?" text are given to Ss and they read to check their answers. A w/c FB is taken and they are asked if they are surprised by anything. Then two questions "Who owns the newspapers and TV stations in your country?" and "Which TV station do you think gives the best news coverage in your country?" following the text are discussed with the w/c.

Focus on vocab (13-15 minutes) • To get Ss learn and review vocabularies in the context of newspaper

A mind map is drawn on the w/b with the word "newspaper" in the middle and some spokes leading to circles for the following sub-headings; "people who work on newspapers", "things in a newspaper", "sections of a newspaper", "words to describe newspapers". Then some of the words are elicited to the w/b. The Ss are divided into 4 groups, each one given one of the subheadings. The Ss are asked to brainstorm words connected to their category about newspaper in GW. Next,1 S in each group who acts as a secretary writes their words on the right place . Finally, all the words are checked to make sure they are in the right place and relevant and the secretary explain words to other students.

Focus on vocab-meaning (13-15 minutes) • To get Ss practice vocabulary through reading

The words from the box in Vocab ex 1 are given to Ss and they are asked to discuss the meaning of these words in pairs if they know them. Then the text from ex 1 is handed out to them and they are asked to individually read the text quickly to answer these two questions, not worrying about the gaps; "which two famous UK newspapers is the text about?" and "What are the main differences?" A w/c FB is taken and at this point they are asked to fill the gaps in pairs. As soon as they finish, the answer keys are given to them to check their answers. At the end, in w/c FB all words with unclear meaning for Ss are checked.

Discussion (5-7 minutes) • To get Ss discuss their ideas using the vocab they have learnt

The Ss are put into small group. The questions in ex 2 are given to them to discuss their idea. Some general w/c FB is taken.

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