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Making suggestion
Elementary , A1/A2 level


In this lesson, students will learn how to make suggestions and ask for them. They will do some pair and group activities during the lesson. This session's function is going to be taught through listening and elicitation from the students. The freer practice at the end is an adapted version of an activity from the book "Elementary Communication Games".


Abc Matching/handout 3 (New Headway page 93)
Abc Detailed listening/ handout 2 (New Headway page 93)
Abc Handout 1 (Teacher made and new headway page 93)
Abc Handout 4 freer practice (Hadfield, J. Elementary Communication Games)

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for making suggestions in the context of rainy and sunny days

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a decision making activity in the context of making suggestions
  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about a lovely or an awful day in the context of making suggestions


Lead in (5-6 minutes) • to generate interest in the topic.

After greeting - Students will see 2 pictures of a rainy and a sunny day. Teacher elicits; "What can we do on a sunny day? what about a rainy day?" for brainstorming. -Students will be introduced to the topic of listening and the people in the listening. In pairs, they will do a matching activity related to the listening they are going to listen to. Put them on the walls and check each other's answers.

Listening task (6-7 minutes) • To introduce the target language via a listening

They will listen for gist listening and answer "What activities are these people talking about?" They pair check and tell the class. They listen again and fill the gaps of the listening. They pair check and read the conversations in open pairs for feedback.

Highlighting target language (6-7 minutes) • To highlight the target language by use of eliciting

Students will answer "What are they talking about?" so that the teacher can elicit making suggestions/ giving ideas.

Clarifying target language (7-8 minutes) • To clarify meaning of target language, controlled practice of pronunciation and highlighting form

Meaning will be elicited from the students. They will work on pronunciation through backchaining drilling. The form will be elicited and written on the board.

Language practice (7-8 minutes) • To provide controlled practice of making suggestions

Students will be reminded of the people in the conversations again and their suggestions. They will do a matching exercise which follows the listening task. Check it in new pairs. Listen and check. Stand in 2 lines and practice the listening(If we have enough time).

Freer practice and feedback (7-9 minutes) • To work on fluency

Students will sit in groups of 3-4 They will be given some cards which they need to talk and make suggestions to find out what they are going to this Sunday afternoon. The teacher should model the activity otherwise there will be too much TTT. The teacher should monitor and help if need be. Feedback and delayed error correction.

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