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My family
Beginner level


In this lesson ss learn vocab to talk about family. After the presentation of the new vocab ss will do some reading and oral exercises which will help them learn everything deeply.


Abc HO-3

Main Aims

  • Family vocab

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and speaking


Family vocab (5-6 minutes) • Introduction of basic family vocab

Put the class in groups of 3-4. Lead ss to discovery of new vocab by giving them the task of matching the words to the pictures and distribute HO-1 for ss to perform the task and learn.

More family vocab (7-8 minutes) • To help them learn more deeply the new vocab and to introduce a few more family words.

Put the ss into groups of 4-5. Ask them to match the words to the pictures in the family tree and give them HO-2. For answer key make ss come to the WB and paste the cards where they belong in the tree. The family tree will be on the WB.

Reading (5-6 minutes) • To provide some practice of the new vocab

This reading is in the form of a family album webpage. The text is captions introducing the people in the Murphy family's photo archive. Give HO-3. Ask the ss to look at the pictures. Ask, What can you see in the photos? What are they? Ask the ss to read the text again and answer the questions. Let ss check their answers in pairs. Answer key on the WB .

Family word search (5-7 minutes) • Learn spelling more deeply

Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 ss. Ask the the ss to look at the words at the bottom of the page and then find them and circle them in the block of letters below. You may demo this to make the instruction easier. Give one HO-4 per group. Provide the answer key to each separate group.

Speaking (6-7 minutes) • To provide controlled speaking practice.

Put the ss in pairs and tell them act out the questions and answers HO-5. 1. Do you have brothers and sisters? 2. Yes, I have (one sister). 1. How old is your (sister/brother)? 2. My sister/brother is (22). 1. Is your (sister/brother) a doctor? What is (his/her) job? 2. My brother isn’t a doctor. He’s a (policeman). 1. Do you live with your parents? 2. Yes, I live with my mother and my father. 1. Are you married or single? 2. I’m (married/single). 1. What’s your (wife’s/husband’s) name? 2. My (wife’s) name is ... 1. Do you have any children? How many children do you have? 2. Yes, I have (two) children. (One) son and (one) daughter. Check ss performance by visiting the pairs and listening in for a while. Distribute your attention equally among the pairs.

Speaking (6-7 minutes) • To provide freer speaking practice.

Divide the ss into small groups to form imaginary families. When two groups meet they introduce their classmates as family members and talk about themselves using real names . Demo this activity after forming the groups.

Extra activity: hangman (7-8 minutes) • Practice the new vocab and the alphabet

Play hangman on the WB with the whole class as a team. Write spaces for the letters of one of the words you taught on the WB and make the ss try to spell the word correctly. Suggested words: husband, grandmother, cousin, uncle, wife, brother.

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