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Beginner A1 level


In this lesson I am going to introduce the people in the family. I am going to talk about the family members. Students will practice the names of the family members by listening to audiotape and doing exercises.


Abc Family

Main Aims

  • Family vocabulary and practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and speaking and get to know each other’s family members.


Family Members (10 minutes) • Introduction

Introducing the members of the family Teacher brings photos of her family and passes them around the classroom. Put up some question words on the board such as: “Who…? How old…? Where…? What…? Ask students to describe you the people they see on the photos by using the question words listed on the board. -For example who is Bayram? He’s my father. How old is he? He’s 67 years old. What is his job? He’s a cook.

Lead-in (5 minutes) • Reading

Teacher passes out the HO and asks students to look at the pictures and describe “what they see in the photos” and Where they are”. Teacher gives them some time to read and examine the pictures. When they are done they can work in groups or as pairs.

Lead-in (10 minutes) • Answering questions

Ask students to read the text again and answer the questions. Teacher will do first example with students and students will work in pairs. 1. How old is Sean? -Sean is sixteen months old. 2. Where is the grandparents’ house? -The grandparents’ house is in Cork, Ireland.

Lead-in (5 minutes) • Listening

Listen and repeat the family words. Teacher plays the audio (Straightforward Beginner) track 1.66 and asks students to repeat after by listening to the words playing in the audio.

Exercises (10 minutes) • Exercises

Teacher explains about exercise #2. Students then put the words in the correct categories. Teacher will do the first example. Afterwards students will check their answers in pairs. Teacher will walk around and checks students’ answers.

Extra exercises (5 minutes) • Peer work

Teacher asks students to talk about their own families. Students will show their own family pictures and talk with their partners using the same questions that teacher introduced in the beginning of the lesson.

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