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Teaching Practice 1b
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will have the opportunity to read and to speak through a jigsaw reading with three texts (subject matter: magical places), provided on a photocopied handout.This will allow them to practice and develop receptive skills (reading) and productive skills (speaking). Ss are introduced to TL (magical, to toss, to rumour, celestial princess). Lexical (vocab) learning will assist Ss with the indepth reading of the text and set the context for following lessons.


Abc Coursebook materials
Abc Reveal the picture guess game
Abc Realia

Main Aims

  • To practise reading skills for gist and details.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To expose Ss to the TL, to give some oral practice of the TL prior to grammar presentation.


Lead in - think of magical places (5-7 minutes) • 1.To generate SS interest in the topic 'magical places'. To get students to practise productive skills (speaking in pairs)

* Introduce yourself and ask students to re-introduce themselves, as there may be some new people in the group. ( any late-comers can do the same). * Tell Ss a personal story (seeing a famous magician on the boat on the way to work). * Show students pictures of 3 famous British/ American magicians on flashcards: (Paul McKenna, Derren Brown, Paul Daniels). * Ask questions: Do you know who this is? What does he do? for each. Elicit 'magician'. Review from previous lesson. * Drill(Group/ individual). Write vocab column on WB. * Ask Ss : What does a magician do? Elicit vocab 'magic'. Drill 'magic orally'. Group/ individuals. Add to vocab column on WB. * Show Ss a covered-up picture and explains that behind the cover is a picture of a magical place. Questions " what do you think a magical place is?" Explain the aim is to be the first person to guess WHAT it is WHERE it is, and WHY? it is magical. Write what, where, why on the WB. Uncover the picture slowly until Ss guess. * Discuss WHY it is a magical place? (Cappadocia- in Turkey).as a group. (key words T could suggest, underground, fairy, caves, aliens, truth, spiritual ) * CQs to check meaning of 'magical places'. " what can happen in a magical place?" (magic) Drill/ Write on WB, emphasising stress and form. * Ask students to think of a magical place. Work in (closed) pairs to share ideas. Elicit some ideas to share with WG.

Vocabulary pre-teaching (5-7 minutes) • To teach the TL: to rumour, to toss, celestial princess

Elicit TL from students using visual aids, realia, and mime/demonstrations. (3 x pieces of vocab). Celestial: draw a picture of an angel and a devil on the WB. (leading to heaven, happy, beautiful, mystical, magical) Princess: " Who is Kate Middleton?" " Who wears a crown?" Not a queen. (put the words together) CCQ: Would a celestial princess live in heaven or hell? (heaven) To toss - realia, mime with real coins ( first check Ss know the word coin). CCQs: Would you toss a glass vase? ( No) To rumour - start Chinese whispers. Ensure Ss are sat in a horseshoe. Whisper a sentence " Apparently, it is going to snow tomorrow" and tell them to pass it on. The last Ss says it out loud . Ask if it is fact? Is it true? False? Maybe? CCQ: Are rumours fact?(they may be . could be - gesture shrug) ** (if needed) more ( humorous/topical) examples of rumours, e.g: Fatih Terim is going to be sacked from Galatasary lost 6-1 at home if unclear). For each: Drill group then individual Ss. Write word/s on the WB. LA: Elicit LF (adj),(n), (v) from Ss. Phonology: elicit (syllables/ stress) - write these by the words. CCQs for understanding.

Pre-reading task: Introducing places (7-10 minutes) • Showing students places they are going to read about to discuss what they already know about them and what makes them magical

* Play three pieces of music to the Ss and ask them to guess what country they think they come from. (Italy, Malaysia, Ireland- places they will be reading about in the next exercise). * Split Ss into groups of 3 (1,2, owls), giving each group a picture that represents one of the countries identified. * Ask Ss to discuss in groups what magical places they know about in that country. * Ss share one thing they know about the country with the WG. * T Monitor - walking around groups to check understanding.

Reading for gist (2-5 minutes) • Ss to practice receptive skills (gist reading).

• Introduce reading activity 3 incredible stories) and demonstrate task before handing out work sheet. • Ss get worksheet read for gist (2 minutes) and decide which of the three sentences MATCHES which paragraph. • ICQ reading for gist. " How long have you got. Are you reading quickly, or slowly? • Feedback - check in pairs. Answer key on WB.

Reading for detail (12-15 minutes) • To get Ss to read the texts more carefully so they can describe these magical places to another Ss without seeing the text.

*Ask Ss to read the text more carefully, giving them 6 mins to do this. They might want to read it twice. *Ask questions about the text. Where do you think it is from? ( travel brouchure?) * Review TL on the board, CCQs/ group drill * Ask Ss to find a partner who is not in the same group, and take it in turns to tell each other about the magical place. Ss should turn over their handouts and reconstruct the text. * ICQs " Can a 1 work with a 1"? (No) Can xS work with xS (yes). * Review TL in context of the text: " Which country might it be good look to toss a coin in a fountain"? "Bathing in the waters of lake Tasik Dayang Bunting will help women become pregnant. Is that true? Or is it a rumour? " "How do you kiss a blarney stone?" (Get Ss to demonstrate). "Where do celestial princesses bathe?"

Follow-up: magical places (5-7 minutes) • To leave Ss with something different/ memorable to help the lesson to 'stick'

** Optional if time ** * Open discussion on what magical places mean to different people. Is Disneyland magical to a child but not to an adult? Was stone henge magical in the past but not now? * Show video clip from Youtube of someone's most magical moment in Trevi, Italy, as her husband took her there to propose.

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