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Ümit Kış . 2 June 2017 . TP 2b
Pre-Intermediate level


With this lesson, Ss will practice the speaking through pictures on food shopping. Related vocabulary and pronunciation will be practiced through reading for gist and matching activies.


Abc Cut up reading and matching tasks 2,3,4 ( adapted from English Unlimited Pre-Int,3.1,CUP)
Abc Pictures of food shopping (Google Images)

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of food and shops, other's opinions about these shops.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about shops and markets in the context of food.


Lead-In (3-5 minutes) • Speaking

T will stick three pictures about shopping places, and ask Ss what are these pictures, where are these places. T will activate their knowledge about 'supermarket', 'small shop' and 'market' respectively and if it is necessary, T elicits the meaning of these places. Then, T will write two questions about shopping habits and set pair work between the Ss. The learners will discuss the Ex.1 which will be written on the WB. T will give instructions or feedback.

Exposure (5-8 minutes) • Reading about opinions

T will instruct the Ss about the reading activity which is about three people's opinions for supermarket. Ss are going to read these texts about ideas and discuss the related questions with their partners. T will give some WCF such as; " Does Jenny like supermarket? ", "Does Aiko dislike supermarket?" "Why?""Do you agree or disagree?"

Highlighting (8-10 minutes) • Scanning, matching the items based on reading, pronunciation

T will explain that Ss are going to do matching activity based on reading text that they read. T is going to separate Ss into 4 groups and then one student will be determined from each group in order to check the other groups' answers at the end of the activity. After instruction ICQ will be asked such as " What is this activity?" , "How many minutes do we have?". Activity will be started by T after blue envelope given to the groups. WCF. Checking among groups. T is going to write highlighted forms in order to show weak pronunciation with their phonemic transcriptions while matching activity is going on, the forms will be written on WB, respectively; 1.I think... 2.They should... 3.I don't think... 4.I guess...

Highlighting (2-3 minutes) • Scanning, vocabulary and speaking

T will start the instructions of the Ex. 4th. T is going to give HO about a set of antonyms of some adjectives which was passed previously in the reading texts.The Ss are going to discuss and find the opposites of the adjectives from the reading texts. WCF will be done at the end of it.

Semi-Controlled Activity (5-7 minutes) • Speaking

T is going to set new pairs, for this reason she is going to put the Ss into new 1/2/3/4 grouping. After this, T is going to instruct the Ss about the discussion point based on Ex. the 5th. The Ss will explain the shops they like and dislike. And they will tell the reasons why and why not. T will ask ICQ for clarification. T is going to walk between the desks while they are discussing, and correct them in an appropriate when needed.

Freer Practice (5-7 minutes) • Speaking

T is going to ask The Ss for making the group discussion about the previous topic "Which shops do you like and dislike? Why?" In this group study, the Ss are expected to discuss "do they agree or disagree with their groups?" As it is a freer speaking activity, T will listen to the Ss without disturbing them.

If-time activity • Speaking

Taboo can be played. Related vocabulary can be chosen.

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