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Relationships lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will discuss about their 'first' experiences using the tense they were taught last session.then they'll have a reading context with 6 detailed information questions.After that,they need to listen to 2 people talking about their relationships and at the end their are going to have a discussion about what they had heard.


Abc inside out CD
Abc Context
Abc First papers

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about Twenty first century dating in the context of relationships

Subsidiary Aims

  • using topic specific vocabulary to understand a listening text about relationships


leading in (10-12 minutes) • engage students with the topic

I'll start the class with an imaginary story of my first kiss.after that I'll ask the students to group up in pairs talking about their first experience about anything.while talking I'll stick some 'firsts' on the board.then I'll ask each of them to come to the board,take one 'first paper' to talk about it for the whole class.

study (15-18 minutes) • scanning a context for specific information

I'll ask the students to group up and explain 'how the relationships have changed' their partner.then I'll divide the board into two parts with the titles of "old" and "new". I'll ask each group to come to think of a sentence for each part and come to the board and write it.then I'll give them the context and they'll be asked to complete the context questions by scanning the text.

Listening (10-15 minutes) • get the gist of the listening

I'll ask the students to look at the reading pictures,and I'll ask :"which relationship will work out?". then I'll start the listening part by asking students this question about the reading :"Will these two relationships work out?why? " they may have some guesses.I'll ask them to find the answer of this question in the listening. then I'll play the listening for them.after that the answers will be checked in the whole class .and finally I'll end the class asking the secrets of a successful relationship.

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