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Teaching reading for Gist and specific details
beginner level


In this lesson, students are going to read for gist and specific details about the personal information of some one through introducing some vocabulary collocation " live, like , work , have , study " and talking about someone's life ,eliciting answers from the students then asking them to read for gist about Ricardo and reading for specific information .


Abc Match the words with the suitable words
Abc Find answer for the following question
Abc Read about Ricardo again .Choose the correct words

Main Aims

  • To read for gist and specific details about someone

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn vocabulary about some words and their collocation "like ,have , live, work , study


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T elicit the day and date ,Then showing Ss a picture about a Turkish actor . T writes the words " live ,work, have, study , like " and discuss their collocation about the actor . Then T gives his Ss a sheet that they write in it some information about their partners then swap the sheets to check them.

Vocabulary Collocation (10-15 minutes) • To explain , show , drill new vocabulary collocation

Students will be given a piece of paper extracted from their books . The teacher will hang a paper on the board then discuss Ss about what they will do . The teacher will elicit the word "match" . The teacher makes sure that Ss understood by using ICQs by asking What are you going to do ? The teacher gives an example : I like football. then Ss complete . Ss check in pairs , T gives feed back by asking each pair .

Pre- reading (5-8 minutes) • To read for gist and find general idea

Students are given a text ,the teacher discuss them about the picture by using these words " "What is his name ?" Live ,work , study , like , have ." . After discussing these words Students ask his students to skim the passage, in pairs ,just in three minutes .Ss find answer for the question " Who are Cecilia, Carlos, Diego? T gives feedback with WC.

While reading (5-8 minutes) • To read for specific details

T will ask his students to read the questions about " Ricardo " in Ex: 2 in 1 m then he asks his students to answer the questions alone , the teacher asks the students to reread again with his partner and check in pairs , T asks check questions" What are you going to do with your partner ?" Ss will should finish reading in 4 minutes . T check the answers by calling on his Ss..

Post -reading (5-8 minutes) • To read for more specific details

Ss are given a sheet to match the question with answer . T divides them into three groups then asking them to answer ,he checks the clearance of the instruction through asking Ss" "What are you going to do ?" . The Questions are related to the vocabulary " like ,live , work,are , " . T check through eliciting the answers and writing them on the board .

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