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In this lesson, Ss will learn some vocabs about places in a city (train station, hotel, bridge, airport, park, river, museum, castle, beach) with the stress patterns and do some exercises. Then, Ss will read a text about weekend break and answer the questions about the text.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about weekend break in the context of places (beach, train station, museum, bridge, castle, hotel, river, airport)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of train station, hotel, bridge, airport, park, river, museum, castle and beach in the context of places


Lead in (3 minutes) • To set the context and and get the Ss interested

T starts with a story about his travel to Istanbul. T draws in the corner on the WB Istanbul with the two bridges, square and inside it T writes Ataturk. T tries to elicit from the Ss "what is it?!" Then, T shows a sign of the plane to indicate that it is an airport. T draws himself on the WB and tell the Ss that he is at the airport and he has just arrived to Istanbul. T mimes that he wants to get to the toilet and shows a sign of the toilet. T tells Ss that in order to go there you have to look for the sign in order to know the location. Then, T tells the Ss that he dropped his phone in the toilet

Vocabulary (6 minutes) • To present some places in a city

T goes on with his story. T draws his friend, Ahmet, who is waiting for the teacher at Aksaray. T should be there at 7:30 but the time now is 7:00. T finds a sign for the train station. So, he is going by train. Unfortunately, T is late and his friend has gone. T wants to sleep but where?! T shows a sign for the hotel. Next morning, T wants things to do in Istanbul (T elicits some ideas). So T goes to To Kapi Saray to see what? T shows a sign for the museum. Then, T wants to go to a castle near to the Ataturk bridge (show the signs for bridge and castle). Then, T wants to go the beach but by mistake he went to a park and there he saw a river(show signs for beach, park and river).

Exercise 1 (4 minutes) • To match the words with signs

T asks Ss to match the words with the signs and then Ss comes to the WB in order to stick the words to the right sign.

Language analysis (5 minutes) • To present word stress

T mimes that he is strong and another one that he is weak. T tells Ss that some of the ppl are strong and some of them are weak. T tells Ss that some words are strong and some of them are weak. T draws a big circle for strong and a small circle for weak. Then, T writes "Hot" is strong (stress) and "police" one is strong (stress) and another is weak (unstressed). T gets the Ss to repeat the vocabs, which they are already shown on the WB indicating to the stress

Exercise 2 (6 minutes) • To practice on the stress patterns

T gives Ss the HO. T clarifies the stress pattern in each column getting the Ss to repeat. In pairs, T asks Ss to put the words from the box in the correct column. Then, Ss will listen and check their answers.

Pre-reading (5 minutes) • To set the context and pre-teach some necessary vocabs

T tells Ss that he has a weekend break (short holiday) and he wants to go to Spain, Barcelona and Czech Republic, Prague. Two flag (Spain and Czech) should be stuck on the WB. T asks Ss "What do you know about these two cities? T elicits the answers and in case if there is no answer T writes on the board the phrases (where to stay, getting there, things to see and do). In two groups, Ss discuss the phrases about going to Barcelona and Prague. Afterwards, T shows some pictures (statue and puppet show) asking Ss if they are interested.

While-reading 1 (5 minutes) • To develop Ss' skills in reading for the gist

T tells Ss that they are going to read about two cities and complete the blanks with phrases. T hands them the brochure. In two groups, one group will read about Barcelona and the other will read about Prague. Once they finish, they swap the tasks and complete the the blanks. T elicits the answers on the board.

While-reading 2 (5 minutes) • To develop Ss' skills in reading for specific information

T asks Ss to have a look at the sentences in exercise 3. T asks Ss to read the brochure again and mark the sentences with "B" for Barcelona and "P" for Prague. Then, T elicits on the WB.

Post-reading (6 minutes) • To practice speaking

In the same group, T asks Ss "Do you know Barcelona and Prague? T writes on the WB "Would you like to visit Prague or Barcelona?" I would like to visit_______ because there is_______ and there are________.In pairs, Ss start talking for 1 or 2. Then, in groups, they go and ask each other the question and answer.

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