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Upper intermeddiate level


Abc Excersize
Abc First questions

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice using past continuous in the context of past events.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To understand grammar formulas in order to construct sentences correctly


Lead In • To set lesson context and engage students

To set the context of the lesson I would ask students to tell me about what they have been doing this week. I would tell them briefly about what I have been doing this week. This will allow students to speak about past tense.

MFP - Meaning, Form, Pronunciation • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks

I will share my screen with students, they will see a google slides page, there are 4 stories, I will ask students to match the correct answers. We will complete this together as a class. Then I will show them a google slides page, we will discuss the target language with the meaning and CCQs then we will practice Pronunciation. I will ask students to repeat the sentences after me to make sure they are pronouncing them correctly. I will then read the sentences out to students slowly and ask them where they think the word stress is. We will complete this together as a class.

Controlled Practice • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills:

I will provide students with a google forms link. They will be given a number of multiple choice questions, each question will have a sentence, students then need to select the correct form of the sentence by selecting one of the multiple choice answers. Students will then share their answers with each other by way of private chat. We will then conduct task feedback.

Freer Practice • To provide feedback on students production and use of language:

I will ask students to talk about all the things they have been doing since being in the lock-down period. Have they been doing anything new? Have they spent more time with family? I would speak about how I have been working from home, participating in this CELTA course and spending time with family in order to give students an example. I will then send them into breakout rooms in order to do this. I feel this will be a good way for students to practice the target language without actually asking them to do so.

DEC - Delayed Error Correction • To correct any common mistakes made by students throughout the lesson

I would place a few sentences on the board or discuss with them, some of which are correct and some of which are incorrect. They will be statements made by the students throughout the lesson. I would then ask students to tell me if they think a sentence is correct or incorrect. If they think a statement is incorrect then they must provide me with the correct way of writing this statement. We will complete this together as a class.

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