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In this lesson, students learn new vocabularies about holiday and learn how to speak out using them. The lesson start with video to motivate students and introduce the target language. This is followed by an authentic task where students read and match to highlight the target language.As the third stage, TL will be exposed to students then clarified and finally, there is some controlled practice via final pair work and whole class speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice new vocabularies about holiday

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency of speaking through practices


Lead - in (4-6 minutes) • To motivate students and introduce the target language

- Students are assigned to watch a video to motivate and introduce the target language - ICQ: clear instruction is needed - CCQs: Is it about having fun? (Yes) Do you sometimes have party in such a situation? (Yes) Can you go to these places every month? ( No) How often can you go there? (once in a ......) what do you call this? ho........ what are types of holiday? - Elicit topics from students - let them talk in pairs to entitle the video and TL - Students model and produce the language - Feedback: Ask students to share with class about lesson's topic

Highlighting (3-6 minutes) • To draw students attention to the target labguage

- Teacher distribute HOs - ICQ - By doing these task, students will be aware of holiday types - Let them do it individually - peer checking or pair work should be run - Monitoring - Feedback: ask students to share with class correct answers

Exposure - pre teaching vocabulary (6-9 minutes) • To provide the context through the text or situation

- Ss are assigned to take a look at pictures precisely and guess what the pictures are - ICQ - Elicit new words from students and let them produce the language - IF its needed some CCQS should be run because learners might have some difficulties to understand what the picture is about - Feedback: Elicit new words and remind them the TL again to refresh their minds and keep them focus

Clarification (3-5 minutes) • To clarify the target language and do MFP

- Vocabularies - Eliciting the new vocabularies that students has learned in recent stages - Producing the language - Students elicit and teacher makes a mind map by putting target language 'holiday' in the middle and its types and related new words around to find association between - Then write new words on board - MFP: identifying stress, word type, meaning and pronunciation. - Drill 3 times - Feedback: Then erase the new words and let them repeat after you

Practice 1 - Productive writing task (3-5 minutes) • To let the learners know about silent letter in words, extending MFP

- Teacher writes a word which has got a silent letter on board - Teacher elicit pronunciation from Ss - They will be asked " is there any letter that is not pronounced in that word?" - ICQ might be needed - Ss will be asked to write couple of words to check the level of student's understanding about silent letter and make sure they pronounce properly - Then students will be given HOs to circle the silent in the given words list - let them do individually - Peer checking - Feedback: students will listen to recording in page 51 to check their answers or teacher elicit it from students if the speakers do not work

Practice 2 (3-6 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to speak out through speaking activity

- Ss will be given HOs to choose 2 to 3 statements to share their ideas with his\her group mate - ICQ is essential - Students model the language - Feedback: Students share their ideas with class to practice their speaking skills

Feedback (5-8 minutes) • To provide feedback on Students production and use of language

- Finally, Ss will be given HOs to choose one holiday from advertisement - Ss should prepare their answers to the questions - ICQ - Monitoring - Do some delayed corrections if its needed - Students in pair share their ideas together - Feedback: then share their ideas with class

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