Michelle Graham Michelle Graham

PPLD Demo Lesson for Friday, 5 Feb 2016
Beginner (CEFR A0/A1) level


In this lesson, students will learn how to (1) greet, (2) give their name, (3) say where they are from, and (4) end with "Nice to meet you!"


Abc Nametags
Abc Whiteboard, dry erase markers
Abc Country flags and moustaches
Abc Classroom rules and poster putty

Main Aims

  • SPEAKING: To provide accuracy and fluency practice while giving introductions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • GRAMMAR: To provide practice using the "be" verb with "I" (am) and "you" (are).


STAGE 1 (Lead-In/Warmer) (2-2 minutes) • To lead into the topic of introductions in social settings.

- Panel members choose a flag from the pile and are encouraged to create their own ELL persona (and grab a moustache, if desired). They can also write names on the nametags. - As Ss are choosing flags, T posts Classroom Rules on board - T warmly greets Ss with "Hi!" and "Hello!" (Ss repeat) - T speaks while using two fingers for "I am": I am Michelle (Ss repeat) - I'm Michelle (T writes name on board or points to nametag) (T writes on board) GOAL: "I can introduce myself to my new classmates."

STAGE 2 (Ss introduction dialogue) (3-3 minutes) • To present basic introduction dialogue and give Ss practice

- T: Hi, I'm Michelle Graham. (Ss repeat) - T motions to each S and has them say "Hi! I'm ______." - T role-plays this dialogue: T: Hi, I'm Michelle Graham. S: Hi, I'm ________ _________. T: Nice to meet you. S: Nice to meet you, too. - T practices dialogue with each S individually. - T instructs Ss to pair up and practice this dialogue with each other - T goes to a Ss pair with an interruption: T: Excuse me. Are you ________? S: (T prompts) Yes, I am. - T has class repeat "Excuse me." and "Yes, I am." - T goes to another Ss pair: T: Excuse me. Are you Johnny Depp? S: (T prompts) No, I'm not. T: Oh, sorry. - Ss pairs practice this dialogue; they can use celebrity names if they like.

STAGE 3 (Ss name their countries) (2-2 minutes) • To provide Ss practice saying where they're from

- T: I'm from (points to the U.S. flag to prompt "the United States") T: I'm from the United States. (Ss repeat) - T asks each S: "Are you from (country)?" Each S answers "Yes, I am." or "No, I'm not." - T motions to each S: T: Where are you from? S: I'm from (country). T: And you? S: I'm from... - T asks Ss to work in pairs and ask each other "Where are you from?"

STAGE 4 (Final full dialogue between students) (3-3 minutes) • To give fluency practice of dialogue with greeting, introduction, name of country, etc.

- T uses role-play/miming to solicit full conversation from Ss and writes dialogue starting words on the board. A: Hello! I'm ______________. B: Hi, I'm _________________. Where are you from? A: I'm from _________________. And you? B: I'm from _________________. A: Nice to meet you! B: Nice to meet you, too! - T sets up conga line and asks Ss pairs to practice conversation; T instructs Ss pairs to switch when T shouts "woo hoo!"

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