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intermediate level


Students will learn about the forms of "verb to be " the long and short form and how to pronounce them .


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of the singular negative form of " to be " in the context of I'm from London and I 'mnot a teacher

Subsidiary Aims

  • skills: to give Sts controled speaking practice


Warming- up (5-6 minutes) • To engage my students in the lesson and prepare them for it

T will ask his students Yes / No questions orally then writing an example on the board . ex: Do you like pizza ? Do you sleep early ? and ask them to answer with Yes , I do Or No, I don't

Exercise 1, 2 Countriies and Nationalities (8-10 minutes) • To practice and speak about verb to " be " through countries and nationalities

After warming -up The T is going to provide his students with a map of the world to recognize the countries then put the names of capital cities and nationalities on the board after dividing his students into three groups 123 . Then he asks his students to stand in lines in front of the WB to pick out the cards that holds the names of nationalities and capital cities .The role of the teacher is to pronounce the name of the country . Then he counts the cards of each group .

Exercise 7 and 8 (8-10 minutes) • to use the negative form correctly and read it

In this exercis no.7 T is going to give an example then asks his students to complete the task individually . After answering T asks his students to check his answers with his partner .T asks each S to read a loud his partner's answers . Then they practice what they have learned in ex 7 and apply it in ex 8 by asking and answering ..

Exercise 9 (8-10 minutes) • to practice more exercise about speaking of verb "to be "

In this exercise the T is going to give his Ss the three words ( The capital city , a singer , a company ) the T shows which syallable receices stress .it is the first syllable of each word . Then the T asks his students to work in pairs to check if the sentences are true or false and they correct the false ones . The role of the teacher is monitoring his students and giving helps when it is needed . T asks his Ss about the corrction of the false one to check if the exercise is digested .

Exercise 10 (8-10 minutes) • To speak and practice more forms about "Verb To Be " by giving true and false sentences

The T gives his students worksheets to check which sentences are true and which are false Ex: Istanbul is the capital of England . Ex: London is the capital of India . Ex: Warsaw is the capital of Ireland. True sentences Ex: Paris is the capital of France . Ex: Rome is the capital of Italy . Ex: Tokyo is the capital of Japan . .

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