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pre- inremediate level


In this lesson the sts will use superlatives to describe a person in his/ her family in a way of semi-controlled speaking activity.


Abc Gap- fill/ match handouts/ pictures.

Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Conversation

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of using superlatives


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • Set the context of superlatives

- stick the pictures on the board so the sts will be able to follow up and understand the context. - tell the students about you family members (brothers, sisters, mother, father) using the adjectives (intelligent, busy, fat, popular, good, bad, stubborn, bright, thin, lazy, far). - ask the sts what do they remember about the persons you described. (focus on the adjectives write them on the WB but don't write the superlative form).

Practice (3-7 minutes) • To provide a free speaking practice of functional language of superlatives

- with one student, give the sts a model conversation talking about family members by using using the adjectives of the previous stage. Ask different questions to find out more information. - ask the sts to work in pairs to talk about their family members and describe them by using different adjectives. - ask sts to tell you what they find out about each other.

Writing (5-10 minutes) • provide a free writing practice

- give the sts pictures to write sentences comparing those in the picture. - ask the sts to work in group (as many as possible) - monitor the sts to find the mistakes for delayed error correction. - ask the sts to give you their feed back by listening to their sentences. Write their errors for delayed correction)

Memory challenge (5-10 minutes) • Help sts remember as much adjectivs as they can and use it in seperlative form

- divide the sts into two groups A and B. - nominate one students to start the game. -the nominated student form the group is going to say one adjective, the second is going to put it in a comparative form, the third is going to repeat the adjective, the comparative and the superlative forms. - the same group is going to give a different adjective, the second group is going to repeat what the first group do. -

Fill in the gap with the apropriate adjective (5-10 minutes) • Provide more practice on adjectives, thier copmarative and superlative forms

-ask the sts to work in pairs to fill in the gaps in the text by using adjectives form the box (bad- good- lazy- beautiful- busy- intelligent-help- fat- thing-far). - check the sts answers. - do error correction, if there, by eliciting the correct adjective for the sentence.

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