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In this lesson, students will learn how to write an informal letter through guided discovery. Students start by reading a letter, find out the elements of a letter then answer some comprehension questions. Students will be asked to discover the expressions used for informal letter writing through unscrambling a letter. Teacher guides and monitors by providing expressions for each element to use while writing. Students are asked to write a free production introducing themselves.


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Main Aims

  • To be able to write an informal letter including all elements

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce oneself and inform about personal information


Warm up (5 minutes) • Activate students schemata

Do you write letters? To whom? How do you send them?

Pre-writing stage (10 minutes) • Prepare students for writing.

Elicit the elements of the letter and write them on mind map on the board. Elements : Address, Date, Body (Beginning, Asking, Purpose, Closing), Wishes and Signature. Teacher elicits and provides different expressions to use at every stage and write them on the board.

While-reading stage (10 minutes) • Prepare students to write through encountering authentic materials

Students are asked to read and unscramble a letter. Students match the parts of the letter to the headings of the letter.

Post-writing stage (15 minutes) • To be able to produce an informal letter about personal information

Teacher provides students with a model( form) to follow while writing a letter. Students write their first draft. Students self evaluate their writing using a chacklist. Students edit their writing. Students are asked to share their letters orally with their mates.

Closure (15 minutes) • To close the session

One production is chosen to be copied on the board as formalization.

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