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Upper intermediate level


In this lesson, students will be introduced to future forms through a guided discovery based on a dialogue between two friends planning to visit 2 tourist spots in England. We will cover and clarify MPF of the TL to enable students to complete a CP task. After peer-to-peer checking, I will end the lesson with a DEC section.


Abc CP - Task 3
Abc Task 1
Abc GD Task 2

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of future forms and future continuous in the context of planning holidays.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide reading and speaking practice of future forms in the context of planning holidays.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To engage students in the context of the lesson.

I will show students the first slide of my presentation with images of 2 tourist spots in England, Windsor Castle and Eton College. I will ask them the following 2 questions: 1. What do those images have in common? 2. What are typical tourists spots in your country?

Exposure - Task 1 (7-8 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a dialogue.

I will share them a word document (docx.) with a dialogue about two friends who plan their holidays together. Students will have 1' to read the text. On the same document, they will answer individually the following questions in order to identify the TL (5'): 1. The underlined verbs express__future__ situations. (past / present / future). a. Read the extract: ZOE: Great ! We'll watch it. Also, I'll go ahead and book a tour for Monday afternoon. We'll be passing by your place on the way to Eton, so we'll call you when we're nearby and we'll pick you up. b. Identify another verb that shares the same characteristic as the underlined forms. We'll be passing How is this verb different from the underlined forms ? The verb expresses future situation but has a different structure. Then, I will give them the answer sheet (2').

Guided discovery - Task 2 (10 minutes) • To elicit the TL.

I will share a docx document. Students will have to answer CCQs about some sentences that I extracted from the dialogue in order to understand the TL meaning. (Individual work - 7'). I'll do the first one with them. Then, they will check their answers in pairs (Peer-to-peer checking - 3'): We're going to take Alice to Windsor Castle, of course ! 1) Did Zoe take the decision in the past or during her phone call with Abby ? Before 2) Do we know exactly when they are going to Windsor Castle ? No Students answer the rest of the questions individually.

Clarification of MPF (5 minutes) • To check students' understanding of the TL covering MPF.

After peer-to-peer checking, I will conduct feedback on the GD activity in order to check students' understanding of TL. I will cover MFP using CCQs, tense structures and drilling (collectively and individually).

Controlled Practice - Task 3 (10-12 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

I will send students a handout (docx format) to the students. The exercise will consist in choosing the correct future form of the verb between 2 options. Individual work (6' -7'). We'll do the first one together: I spoke to Abby. She's coming / she'll come to Eton with us. I ask students: which verb form should I we choose ? When do we use will + verb ? When we make a spontaneous decision right ? Did Zoe take the decision right now ? No So, we use present continuous because we're talking about a definite future arrangement. (She's coming to Eton with us) Peer-to-peer checking: Then, students will check their answers with a partner. (3'). After that, I will give the students the answer key and clarify any doubts they have about the exercise. (1')

DEC (3-5 minutes) • To make students understand some common errors.

While the students are talking, I will identify some errors they make. At this stage of the lesson, I will clarify the mistakes and some doubts they alluded to when they were checking their answers with a partner in the BORs.

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