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Teaching practice 3
beginners level


This lesson will be a continuation from a lesson taught by my colleague looking at daily routines. My lesson will be focusing more on the grammar of the 3rd person describing the routine and timings. students will be shown pictures, given new lexis related to the topic and listening exercises for students to practice their language. Analyzing the 3rd person in detail Students will be able to form positive and negative sentences after the lesson in the present simple.


Abc Face to face starter, students book
Abc Pictures of carols routine, Face to face starter
Abc lexis related carols routine, Face to face starter, students book
Abc HO

Main Aims

  • This lesson will be a grammar focus in the 3rd (he/she) person presnt simple analysing both positive and negative sentences.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will reflect back to the previous lesson and looking at picures depicting daily routines they will get further practice in reading in detail


warmer/lead in (2-4 minutes) • engage students and draw their attention to the previous lesson

Look back at previous lesson at the daily routines and make ss notice the use of the 3rd person he/she and go through carol's routine on the pictures. Show ss pictures

Introducing lexis (3-4 minutes) • understanding vocabulary related to the topic

Ask ss to look at the words in the box, ex 3 a, and try to elicit the meaning from them university, midday, midnight, before 10.30, after 10.30 and about 10.30.

Reading (5-7 minutes) • exposure to TL

Give ss HO of page 39. First look at ex 3b, make ss read the exercise. Do a WC demo of how to do the exercise looking at carols routine on pg 38. Make students work in pairs to complete the exercise. Get FB and make ss write the answers on the WB

Language focus/grammar (10-12 minutes) • Ss get to know and use the 3rd person present simple

Elicit the bolded verbs from page 39 from ss write them on the WB, she HAS breakfast, she LEAVES, she WORKS, she FINISHES, and GETS, she GOES, and SLEEPS. highlight the use of each verb for example, has - have, leaves - leave, works - work, finishes - finish, gets - get, goes - go, sleeps - sleep. Elicit from ss what we need to do with the verb on the WB with he/she - +s and highlight some of the spelling variations have - has, leave - leaves, finish - finishes, go - goes.

Grammar practice (8-10 minutes) • Get to use the 3rd person form of the verb

Look at ex 6 page 39, with ss. Explain to ss the third person form of the verb and do an example on the WB Make ss work in pairs and do the exercise. Monitor and then get feed back.

Language focus (5-7 minutes) • Introduction to the negative form of the 3rd person

Draw attention of ss to activity 3b and make them have a look at the phrase she Doesn't like mornings! Elicit a few examples from ss and highlight the form.

Practice verb form (5-8 minutes) • Use the positive and negative verb form of the 3rd person in context

Have a look at Tom's routine with ss and read through together as a WC and then make sure the ss understand what they need to do in this activity. Put ss into pairs and do the activity Monitor through out the exercise. Get FB and write the answers on the board.

Speaking (3-5 minutes) • using verb in context for 3rd person

If time - look back at carols routine and make ss say a sentence each about her routine.

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