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Participle Clauses Lesson
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about participle clauses through a reading text about celebrities and body dysmorphia. The lesson will start with a gist reading activity and then reading for detail. The target grammar will then be analysed using marker sentences and CCQs. The pronunciation will be drilled. Then controlled practice with completing the text and rewriting the sentences activities. Students will complete the lesson with freer practice by doing a speaking exercise about different celebrities.


Main Aims

  • To present participle clauses to SS using a reading activity about body dysmorphia which includes -ing and-ed phrases and providing exercises which practice using the TL such as pronunciation drilling and rewriting phrases

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide pronunciation and speaking practice of sentences using -ing and -ed clauses


Stage 1 (Lead In) (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the context of the text

- Have PPT ready with picture introducing the topic of body dysmorphia in the reading - SS work in pairs to discuss the picture and the possible context of the lesson - SS share their ideas with the class - Ask some questions about the picture, e.g. Does he look happy? Does he look healthy? What do you think other people think of him? What other kinds of people do you think we could have looked at? - SS think of 5 words they may find in the reading text and write them down individually - SS then discuss them with a partner

Stage 2 (Reading for gist) (5-8 minutes) • To practice reading for gist to find the main idea of the text

- Give HO to SS and have them skim read the text to see if they find any of the words they have written - Quickly check how many words were in the text by using hand gestures - Direct SS to Q1 and have them skim read again to find the main idea and choose from the 3 options - SS discuss their ideas with a partner then ask the class what they think the main idea of the text is

Stage 3 (Reading for detail) (8-10 minutes) • To practice reading for details in the text to find TL

- Direct SS to Q2 and explain they will read in more detail to find true or false answers to the questions - SS read the text in detail and answer the questions - SS check their answers with a partner - Check the answers to the questions

Stage 4 (Highlighting of Target Language) (3-5 minutes) • To highlight TL so students focus on it

- Direct students to Grammar Analysis on the other side of the HO - SS read 2 marker sentences in pairs and answer the CCQs - Check answers on the WB

Stage 5 (Clarifying Target Language) (8-10 minutes) • To clarify meaning, form and pronunciation so learners understand it

- SS rewrite sentences in Q2 of the the grammar analysis HO into relative clauses with a partner - SS check the difference between participle and relative clauses by circling the correct answer in Q3 with a partner - SS write how to form a participle clause in Q4 with a partner - SS underline all the examples of participle clauses in the text and check with a partner - Check answers and understanding after each question - Write the marker sentences on the WB and drill pronunciation using back drilling choosing different groups of students and focus on pronunciation of -ing and -ed

Stage 6 (Controlled practice) (8-10 minutes) • To provide written practice focused on using the language accurately

- Give students HO and have them do Q1 completing the text with the correct participle in pairs - SS complete the rewrite the sentences activity in Q2 in pairs - Direct students to the answer keys on the back to check their answers

Stage 7 (Semi-controlled and freer practice) (5-8 minutes) • To provide oral practice to use the language productively

- Show SS the question on the PPT and have them discuss the question with a partner - Give students the picture HO and have them discuss the questions with a partner - Ask students to share their ideas with the class - Give class feedback at the end of the lesson

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