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Reading about typing
elementary level


In this lesson students will practice their receptive skill of reading through a text related to typing and technology, they will be reading for gist and for detail in this lesson. Ss will also get some speaking practice related to information about their use of technology.


Abc reading

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about typing in the context of technology.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of technology.


Warmer/Lead-in (1-2 minutes) • Introduce Main Topic

The teacher will point to the computer and elicit the word "computer" next point to the keyboard and elicit the word "keyboard" next the teacher will start to type on the keyboard and elicit the word (type/typing)(v)

Gist Reading (8-10 minutes) • Create a title for the text through gist reading.

In this stage the Ss will read the text for gist...individually. Ss will have 3min to look at the text to get a general understanding of the context. Pass the text to the ss, After the 3 min is up, Ss will be placed in pairs and the teacher will HO a activity with three possible titles for text. each pair will Pick from 3 titles to choose the correct one. They will have 2 min to talk about which title is correct, then I will write each answer on the WB and use WC FB to erase the 2 incorrect answers the correct title for th ss to see on the board. ICQs Will you read every word of the text? how many mins will read?

pre-teach vocab (5-7 minutes) • practice vocabulary related to text

Ss will work in their pairs from earlier. The teacher will HO a vocab word matching activity and give the students 3 min to complete. When the 3 min is finished the teacher will HO the answer key and give the Ss 2 min to check there answers with there peers. ICQs = are you working in pairs? will you fold the bottom of the text?

While Reading with Multiple Choice (15-17 minutes) • give the Ss time to read for detail then a multiple choice in Pairs

Ss will receive a HO with questions related to the text. Ss will then turn their text face down and read the multiple choice questions quickly 1 min. next ss will turn the questions face down and read the text for detail. I will give Ss 10 mins ro read the text thoroughly. When the 10 mins is finished the teacher will pair the Ss with new partners and Ss will answer the multiple choice activity they were given before the txt. Then Ss will compare answers with the pairs next to them, and the teacher will pass the answer key to all the Ss.

speaking exercise (7-10 minutes) • speaking about the context they just practiced

In the same pairs Ss will ask there partners 3 or 4 questions/which the teacher will have these questions on the WB, about how their partner uses keyboards and computers. 1(Do you use a computer more or your mobile? 2(Do you use your computer more at home or at work? 3(Do you type fast or slow? 4(If fast, where did you learn to type After the time is up, The teacher will nominate Ss to tell the class what they learned about there partner.

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