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Elementary level


The lesson will focus on past simple of to be (was/were) in the context of personalizing past and now. The lesson will also focus on speaking within the same context.


Abc Fill the chart
Abc fill the blanks in my story
Abc When I was in high school...

Main Aims

  • Main aim is to focus on grammar was/were (past tense of to be) and enable students use the target language throughout the class.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sub aim is to encourage students talk in pairs and/or groups by using speaking activities within the context of was/were.


LEAD-IN (5-6 minutes) • To make students familiar with past simple of to be (was/were) by using personalization and daily life issues.

-Teacher starts to talk about herself :"Oh , I was ill last week, I was tired and feeling bad. How do I look now?" (nominates learners and elicits the answer : "you are good now"). The teacher continues : "My husband and daughter were in Ankara on 29th of October, last Monday, They turned back to İstanbul same day. Also teacher talks with the learners and asks : Tibet you were not in the class last week but you are here now, happy to see you! Teacher also asks : Who were in Beşiktaş-Rize match on Monday? Students use was/were in sentences with the guidance of teacher.

SEMI-CONTROLLED EXERCISE FOR MEANING (8-9 minutes) • To enable students understand what we will talk about next by making them speak, share and show their ideas.

-Teacher writes 4 sentences on board (pls see language analysis sheet) -students work on 3 CCQs as a group of 3 or 4 by analyzing 2 of the sentences on the board (pls see language analysis sheet) -answers are discussed in WCFB. -teacher draws a blank timeline on board and ask students come to board and speak and show by using was/were (details are in language analysis sheet) -In the end teacher elicits, past, was/were and eventually explains past simple and meaning of it.

SEMI-CONTROLLED EXERCISE FOR FORM (8-9 minutes) • Enable students understand the correct form by hearing a short story from teacher and telling their own stories.

-Teacher reads a short story about herself in high school. She repeats again and students take small notes. -Teacher hands out the table and also draws it on board and students stand up and fill the blanks - students to talk about their high school friend by using positives and negatives of was/were. -students do dictations of was/were/wasn't/weren't

FILL IN THE BLANKS ACTIVITY (8-9 minutes) • Enable students using the right form in the story they heard from me previously.

-Students fill the blanks in teacher's story in pairs. -Teacher monitors and see if they use the right forms. -Teacher shows the answer key on the board and emphasizes some points like, this story was in past like it was 20 years ago. Do you think we are still friends? We were close 20 years ago but what about now?

FREER SPEAKING ACTIVITY (8-9 minutes) • Enable students speak more by using target language

-Students speak in pairs about their high-school days, who was their best friends? Was he nice? Who was their favorite teacher? Were they talking a lot?.... -Students tell each other and take notes and during WCFB they speak about their pairs. -Teacher asks them to speak about their pair and tell his/her story to the class.

CORRECTION STAGE (2-3 minutes) • -correct the wrong forms or pronunciation at the end
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