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Teaching Practice 2A - Lesson 2C Still At Home
A2 Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn in the context of family. They will be doing a receptive exercise that will introduce them to the character Andy Castle and his family. The reading exercise will be conducted in three stages - gist task, detailed task and post-reading task. This lesson also includes a vocabulary exercise where the students will learn about the various vocabulary pertaining to family.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist, detailed and deduction analysis in the context of the fictitious character Andy Castle. The receptive skill reading exercise will emphasize on the usage of grammar wh- questions and possessive. They will also be introduced to various vocabulary pertaining to family context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide basic family related vocabulary for the students
  • The reading practice will be conducted in three stages. First as a gist task where students will read and learn about Andy Castle and his family. From this they will know about his existing situation and his family's opinion of him. The detailed task will require them to think carefully and complete the exercise that will require them to identity the various wh- questions and possessive grammars.


Warmer/Lead-in - Introduction to family (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context of family and introduce the student to Andy Castle and his family

1. T will flash on screen the first photo of family from powerpoint slide which shows family of 7 people. 2. T will ask student to look at the board "Ok class, please look at this photo" 3. T to elicit the answer from the student. "Can you tell me, one word to describe this photo?" "What does this photo tell you?" 4. T to expect the student to say the answer "Family" If students are not able to provide the answer, T to present the answer "FAMILY" 5. T to show the second photo that shows a family of 45 people and ask "How about this picture?" "Can this be a family ?" 6. T to show the next picture of the family of 3. "How about this?" 7. T to inform them "So from these pictures you can see that family can be small, or family can be big"

Pre-Reading - Andy Castle Family Photo (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the students to character Andy Castle

1. Show page 4 of the powerpoint slide. T to ask the students "Ok now look at this photo, how many people are there?" The photos shows a mother, father, daughter and son. 2. T to ask again - "Can we call them a family ?" 3. T to introduce Andy Castle to the class and the date of the photo taken. "I want you to meet your new friend - Andy Castle. What is his name?" "But this photo is an old photo, can you see the date at the bottom?" "Which year is it?" "Do you want to see how they look like now?" 4. T to show the photo of Andy Castle now in the next slide. "This photo was taken yesterday" "Who is this guy again?"

Pre-Reading - Blocking Vocabulary (3-4 minutes) • To provide students with the blocking vocabulary for the receptive skill article

1. T to ask the student while pointing at Andy Castle "Who is this again?" 2. T to point to the photo of parents on the screen "Who are these 2 people?" If SS says father and mother, T to highlight that father and mother make a "Parent" and write this down on the board. 3. T to ask "Do you want to know more about them?" Let's learn more about Andy and his family." 3. T - to show the article that will be distributed to the class. "Ok I will be giving you this article. It has been folded. Please do not open. Are you suppose to open it or no?" (ICQ) 4. This article will tell you about Andy. T- to pass the folded article that only indicates the section on Andy and his brief background. 5. T to ask students to read the article. "Can you spend 1 minute to read this alone?" When time is up, T to ask student "Is Andy married or not?"\ 6. T to inform the students that they will next read Andy's parents opinion of him. T to write down OPINION on the board and elicit from student. "Do you know what OPINION means" "Opinion is what you think about something or someone" "so now we will learn what Andy's parents think of him" 7. T to inform student to open up article and spend 5 minutes reading.

Gist Task (4-5 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading/listening tasks

1. T to ask students to ask students to turn to pairs and discuss - What does his mother think of him? Discuss for 30 seconds. T to ask one pair "Is there a problem?" 2. T to ask students now to discuss his fathers opinion. - What does his father think of him? Discuss for 30 seconds. T to ask one pair "Is there a problem?" 3. T - What is Andy's opinion? Discuss for 30 seconds. T to ask one pair "Does Andy think there is a problem?" 4. T to relate context to student - If this is a Turkish family, and Andy is not married. Is there a problem?"

Detailed Task (6-8 minutes) • To get students to complete the receptive skill exercise

1. To inform student that they will receive this exercise where they are suppose to read and underline. "Please read these sentences and underline the correct answer. Do this individually." (Remember ICQs) 2. Once done, to ask students to turn to pairs and check each others' work quickly. 3. T to flash the exercise on screen and ask the class to come up and fill up the answer on the board

Post Reading Task (2-3 minutes) • To ask students to discuss the post reading exercise.

T to inform students to form groups of 4 and ask them to discuss "What do you think Andy can do?" T to elicit answer from the students

Vocabulary - Family Context (3-4 minutes) • To introduce students to various vocabulary pertaining to family.

T to show the slide of Andy's family and practice drilling with the students.\

Vocabulary - Group Work (3-4 minutes) • To recap the various concepts that have been taught

T to form groups of 4 and inform the students to complete the exercise and discuss

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