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Copy of Teaching Practice 2 (Grammar)
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will improve their grammar knowledge about the usage of prepositions ''in/at/on". Teacher will provide them with some related questions and they will mingle and ask each other. After that they will have some time expressions in their hands and will stick them to the board under the right column. They will have an exercise which will provide them to memorize the correct usage of these prepositions. They also do some exercises on the worksheets. Lastly, students will do some controlled spoken practices on the WB.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice about the correct usage of certain prepositions with time expressions in the context of meeting someone.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in the usage of right prepositions while they are speaking in the context of meeting someone or talking about dates.


Warmer (18-20 minutes) • To engage students and create a general awareness to the topic.

After greeting students, teacher will hand out sheets which include questions written in big fonts. Students mingle and ask these questions to the others. Then students sit down and teacher asks these questions one by one to get answers in WCFB and corrects them if necessary. After that teacher writes "in/at/on" on the board and hand out the large papers with a time expression on it and asks students to stick their word under the correct preposition. Then teacher checks answers with WCFB.

Subsititutional Drill (5-6 minutes) • To help students to memorise.

Teacher writes a half sentence on the board and makes arrows which lead the half sentence to a time expression but leaves the preposition part blank. After that teacher asks students say the correct preposition and repeat the whole sentence.

Controlled Written Practice (10-12 minutes) • To help students to do the exercises in the worksheets

Teacher gives out worksheets and asks students to do exercise 2. Afther they are finished teacher checks the answers with all class. And then teacher gives the students time to do exercise 3 and checks the answers with WCFB.

Controlled Spoken Practice (5-8 minutes) • To help students to practice the new grammar knowledge while speaking.

Teacher invites a student to stand up and turn his/her back to WB. Teacher writes a time expression on the board and asks the other students to ask question which will make the student standing up back to Wb to say the time expression which is written on the board.

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