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1D: Lost property
Elmentary level


In this lesson, students will learn 14 new vocabulary, (Dress-CD player-False teeth-Coat-Suitcase-Bag-Shoe-Camera-Umbrella-Bike/bicycle-ID card-Watch-Wallet-Diaries), then they will learn about singular and plural and how to change from single to plural. Students will know the difference between (this&that) (these&those)


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Main Aims

  • Students will be able to know the difference between singular and plural, they will know how to change from single to plural ( by adding (s,es,ies), they will know also the irregular plural form
  • By the end of this lesson students will know the meaning of 14 different personal property (Dress-CD player-False teeth-Coat-Suitcase-Bag-Shoe-Camera-Umbrella-Bike/bicycle-ID card-Watch-Wallet-Diaries)
  • Students will be able to know the difference between ( this-that) & ( these-those) and how to use each one of them.

Subsidiary Aims

  • This lesson will improve student's ability to form questions to ask about random stuff.


Warm up (2-4 minutes) • To get students ready for the lesson.

Display some pictures of the 14 personal stuff and see if students know the name of each item.

Exposuer (5-7 minutes) • To provide students with the meaning of the new vocabulary.

Focus students on the picture and the title of the lesson. Establish the meaning of "lost property". Ask them where the lost property room is ( in the hotel) Students work on there own or in pairs and match the words to the pictures. Check answers with the class.

Listening practice (4-5 minutes) • To get students to be familiar with the pronunciation of each word.

Play the recording and ask students to repeat . Pay particular attention to the -es /iz/ endings in suitcases, watches and dresses, and the pronunciation of women children and teeth.

CCT (4-5 minutes) • to check if students can change nouns from singular and plural in different types

Students do the exercise on their own , then check their answers in pairs. check answers with the class. Ask students how they think these plural forms are pronounced. Drill the plural form with the class, focusing on the extra /iz/ syllable in waitresses and addresses.

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