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TP 2
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will read about family which is a continuation of the previous lesson and the purpose of this course to improve their reading skills ; skimming and Scanning


Abc New Headway4th Edition (Beginner), Student Book (2013) Soars&Soars. Oxford University Press

Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar practise of " Has/ Have"


Lead-in (2-0 minutes) • To connect with the previous lesson

* Elicit some vocabulary *Show a picture of a Annie from page 24 couple * CCQ: - Picture 1: Do you remember? What's her name ? Elicit : Annie Taylor What's her job? Elicit : Doctor

Reading for gist (10 minutes) • The learners will predict the main idea of the reading

- Now we are going to read about Annie's brother. * ICQ : Students will be asked to read quickly and tell the T about the text (5 mins) *Read the text *Find the general idea (2 mins) * Check with your pairs

Reading for specific information (10 minutes) • Learners will read the questions and go through the text to improve their scanning skills.

* Read the questions and read the text * Find if it's True or False After they read individually, they will check their answers with their groups WCFB

Highlighting Grammar (10 minutes) • The aim of this is to focus on the language that is used and to show them how have/has functions within a text.

* Show the text *Circle the Have / Has from the power point - 5 minutes Analyse the text together and underline important points of the grammar 5 minutes

Post reading Task (10 minutes) • Learners will use has/have and write about themselves and by standing up they can talk to each other

Write 5 sentences about your family and tell it to your friend * I will demonstrate the activity I have a car. I have a sister. My sister has two children. I have a brother. He has a small house.

If there is time (5 minutes) • The aim of this is for learners to identify mistakes and correct them themselves

* Read the text and correct the mistakes * Demonstrate

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