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Teaching Practice 11th of July
Upper-Int level


In this lesson sts will be improving their reading skills, speaking skills and vocabulary. They will do a reading for specific information after doing a correction exercise. They will be practising some synonyms later on.


Abc Handouts

Main Aims

  • Reading for specific information. The context of the lesson is 'tip habits'.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary. To teach some synonyms in terms of meaning, form and pronunciation.


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To warm up the sts and introduce them to the context of the lesson , to assess sts prior knowledge of the area.

*Elicit 'tip' and 'tip habits' from the sts by giving them clues and asking questions. *Chat with the sts about the context.

Pre-Reading (10 minutes) • To recall sts' prior knowledge about the subject and to prepare sts for the reading.

*Give sts the worksheets. They discuss the questions in Ex 1 in pairs. Ask ICQs. (Are you going to work alone?) *Monitor the sts while discussing. *Discuss their answers with the whole classroom. *Sts read sentences in Ex 2a, guess the correct words/phrases in pairs. *Monitor the sts.

While-Reading (23 minutes) • To do a reading stage for specific information.

*Sts read the text and check their answers. Ask ICQ's after giving the instructions. *Monitor the sts. *Sts read the article again to answer the questions in Ex 2c in pairs. *Monitor the sts. *Discuss the answers with the sts.

Vocabulary (8 minutes) • Teaching new vocabulary and some synonyms words/phrases.

*Sts look at the verbs in pink in the article and teach the words that they do not know. *Sts match the pink words with their synonyms which are in blue in pairs. Ask ICQs. *Monitor sts. *Check their answers

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