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Phrasal Verbs
Upper Intermediate level


For this lesson I will be introducing a new context. The students will revise the three narrative tenses that they already know. In my lesson I will focus on phrasal verbs using the topic, air travel. Students will listen to some in-flight announcements and vocabulary that focuses on words that relate to air travel. Students will practice using phrasal verbs with listening, writing and reading.


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Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of phrasal verbs in the context of air travel.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed reading, listening, and speaking practice using a text about traveling in the context of air travel ,


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To engage the students' interest in the topic of air travel.

I will ask the students if they have every traveled on a plane before. Then we will talk about if they are scared of plane rides. I will briefly tell them my experience of flying and ask them about theirs. Afterwards, I will put up pictures on the board. I will ask the students what is happening in the pictures and elicit vocabulary words from them. As they are describing what is happening, i will write on the board the vocabulary that is important for this section. emergency exits, hand luggage, overhead compartments, fasten, personal electronic devices, life jacket, to inflate. I will ask them some CCQs to ensure that they know certain vocabulary words that are needed for the activities in this section. Some questions may include: If there is an accident, we use these to get out of the plane quickly? - Emergency exits We put these on if the plane lands on the sea? -life jackets. this is something we when blow air into something. - to inflate another word to put on your seat belt - fasten Students then will do a quick matching activity with a partner and check answers with an answering key.

Reading (6-7 minutes) • Reading for details

2a- Students will get into pairs and read the short paragraph and think about the questions. 2b- Each group will now be given a part of the extract and one question. Their task will be to read their and answer their question. Then each group will talk quickly about their answer to the question they were assigned to.

Language clarification (15-20 minutes) • Focusing on phrasal verbs in the context of air travel.

Before talking about phrasal verbs, I will pre-teach the vocabulary words that we will be using as phrasal verbs to do activity 4 on page 154. I will ask questions and elicit the words and as they say the correct word I will write it on the board. Then I will use those verbs they gave me and lead it into using it as a phrasal verb. I will ask the students to remind me of what a phrasal verb is. I will ask Ss to give me some verbs, which i will write on the board. Then i will ask them to give me some prepositions and make a chart next to the verbs that they gave me. I will then ask them to give me a phrasal verb using this chart. Then i will write a sentence to insure that they have understood. Example: drop up run out "I ran up the steps" "He dropped out of school" Ss will then do ex4 on page 154 individually. They will then check their answers with pairs. For feedback i will put the answer key on the board and have them check and ask for any questions.

Controlled Practice (6-12 minutes) • Practice speaking using the phrasal verbs

I will have students pair with a partner and ask them the following the questions one at a time which they will talk about with their partner. As they switch partners i will change the question. Talk about a time when you.. Went to drop off your best friend at the airport Lost your luggage Went to pick up your mom from the airport How do you feel when the plane takes off

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