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Copy of A Good Job, The Simple Present Tense
Elementary level


In this lesson the SS learn about the Simple Present Tense on two reading texts about jobs. The lesson starts with some questions and answers about family members and their jobs. This is followed by reading texts and introducing The Simple Present Tense. Finally, there are some controlled practice and free practice via Mingling activity.


Abc Headway Elementary Student Book, page 42-43
Abc PPT about unknown vocabulary
Abc PPT about jobs
Abc Handout ( Teacher made)
Abc Headway Elementary Student Book, page 42-43
Abc Headway Elementary Student Book, page 42-43

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification about The Simple Present Tense third person singular

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information about the pronunciation of " /s/, /z/, /─▒z/.


STAGE 1( LEAD IN) (2-3 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and activate the students schema about jobs.

- ask the SS the question: " What is my job?" - Get the answer "You are a teacher". - go on with your family members' jobs. " my father is a/ an...., My moher is a/an....., my brother is a/an..." - Nominate a student and ask the questions: " Where are you from?, What is your father's/ mother's/ sister's/ brother's job? - Set them in pairs and continue the exercise.

STAGE 1( LEAD IN FEEDBACK) (1 minutes) • To provide feedback.

- Monitor the SS and check the pronunciation.

STAGE 2 (2 minutes) • To introduce some jobs that can be applied the reading texts

-show the ss a PPT about most common jobs. They are shown some pictures about jobs quickly. - give the ss the jobs in the PPT on papers and extra job names that are not given before. They choose the jobs and stick them on the wall. - Ask some questions about the jobs the SS stick on the wall. " What is his/her job? What does .... do?"

STAGE 2 (FEEDBACK) (1 minutes) • To give Feedback.

- If there is any mistake about the jobs or pronunciation help them to correct themselves.

STAGE 3 (3-4 minutes) • To provide a controlled listening practice

- Before playing the track write down some questions on the board." Where is Andrew from?What is his job? Where is Claudia from? What is her job? -Play the track 2.1 -The SS notes down the answers while listening. -Make sure that they catch some answers. - Set the SS in groups to check each other. - Monitor the SS

STAGE 3 (FEEDBACK) (1 minutes) • To give Feedback.

- Help the SS if they have problem with the questions and answers.

STAGE 4 (5-7 minutes) • To provide a controlled listening practice and correct pronunciation.

- Show the PPT about unknown vocabulary. - Pass out the copies of the texts. -Play the track 2.1 again. - The SS listens the track to underline all the verbs they hear and see in the text. - Elicit some verbs they underlined - Model and drill these verbs individually and chorally. - Ask the question: "What is the last letter of these verbs?" - give example first." for example the verb, comes. -c is the first letter and -s is the last letter. - Elicit the other verbs and last letters nominating some students. - Ask CCQ : " Is this text talking about past/ future/present? -Elicit some answers. - model and drill the verbs. - The SS write the verbs in the correct places individually.( Exercise 3) - Set the SS in pairs and check each other's answers - Play track 2.2 to give feedback.

STAGE 4 (FEEDBACK) (2 minutes) • To give Feedback.

-Monitor the SS. - Check their understanding about 3rd singular form of the verbs in the simple present tense. - Make modeling and drilling if they have problem with pronunciation.

STAGE 5 (5 minutes) • To activate the students' schema using some sentences in the text

- write down a Simple present tense sentence from the text on the board. " Andrew comes from New Zealand. Claudia teaches at a university." - Ask about the -s comes after the verb. - Elicit some answers. - ─▒ntroduce the SS that these verbs are simple present tense third person singular. - Ask for more examples from the text.

STAGE 5 (FEEDBACK) (2 minutes) • To give Feedback.

- Help the SS with the grammar structure of the simple present tense. - give more examples.

STAGE 6 (5-7 minutes) • To practice Simple Present Tense and check the pronunciation.

- Give the SS some time to complete the sentences in exercise 4 individually. - Set them in pairs to check their answers. -Monitor the SS. - Get some of the students read the sentences aloud. - Play track 2.3 to listen and check the answers.

STAGE 6 (FEEDBACK) (1 minutes) • To give Feedback.

- Check the SS' pronunciation.

STAGE 7 (5 minutes) • To help the students transfer the key information about Andrew and claudia into note form using present simple tense

-Prepare the information about exercise 5 on a paper to stick on the wall. - pass out the papers in which an information chart about Andrew and Claudia. -Set the SS in pairs to fill tje chart in exercise. - The SS try to remember the information about Andrew and Claudia without looking back to the texts. - The SS fill up the chart and than give the answers. - Post the answers on the wall.

STAGE 7 (FEEDBACK) (1 minutes) • To give Feedback.

- Monitor the SS while they are working in pairs. - Help the SS to find the correct information in each gap in the chart.

STAGE 8 ( Mingling Activity) (5-7 minutes) • To get the ss consolidate what they have learned so far.

- pass out some pieces of papers to students.( Some questions and answers about Andrew and Claudia) - some students have questions and the others have answers.(mixed order) - All the students come in front of the board and try to match correct questions with correct answers. - The SS who have the correct match will sit down. The exercise continues until the last pair sits down. - Monitor the SS. - Read the questions and correct answers.

STAGE 8 ( FEEDBACK) (1 minutes) • To give Feedback.

- Monitor the SS. - Help them to find the correct answers ans questions.

STAGE 9 ( EXTRA) (5-7 minutes) • To help the students transfer the key information into a free activity using present simple tense

- Set the SS in pairs and give them the charts. -Each partner has a different part of the chart. - The SS tries to ask some simple questions in simple present tense to fill the chart to the pairs. - Pairs fill the chart and check their answers. - T monitors the class.

STAGE 9 (FEEDBACK) (2 minutes) • To give Feedback.

- Monitor the SS using simple present tense. - Check the pronunciation of singular forms of the verbs.

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