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Unit 2.2
Level 2 level


In this lesson students practice adverbs of frequency in the context of work routines.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of adverbs of frequency in the context of jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of job words in the context of work routines


Warm-up (10-10 minutes) • Review jobs

Using the alphabet try and get job names. Encourage the students do go as far as possible.

Vocabulary from the Book (15-15 minutes)

1A: Match the words, describe the jobs and elicit abbreviations (rep/ IT) 1B: Listen and repeat 1C: Discuss in pairs the jobs and then elicit WCFB Photobank (p.152) 2A: Complete 2B: Students create sentences for each job that is on the board. 3A: Complete 3B: Disccuss

Kahoot (5-5 minutes)

Reading from the book (15-15 minutes)

4A Elicit from the students 4B: Divide the class in groups of three and each students reads about a dangerous job. Use the elements to create notes. Students get together and tell the story using the notes they have taken. Teacher demonstrates how this works and monitors heavily making sure students are using English.

Job description writing (50-50 minutes)

Students write what they think is the best job. Follow the worksheet and reinforce the basic structure of a essay/paragraph. Introduction Body Conclusion Students can grade each others paper

Adverbs of Frequency (10-10 minutes)

Never, hardly ever, rarely, occasionally, sometimes, often, usually, always Adverbs of frequency are typically between subject and verb: He never eats meat We put adverbs of frequency after be: She is usually at home We can put some (but not all) before the subject: Sometimes he cooks fish for dinner We can put some (but not all) at the end: She cooks fish for supper. Make sure student don't make double negatives with never: We don't never cook fish

How often do you...? (15-20 minutes)

SpeakOut p.151 One copy of the board, dice and counter per student. Students move and ask questions Encourage students to ask more questions. Teacher monitors.

Teamwork Job interview 1 (20-30 minutes)
Adverbs of Frequency (10-10 minutes)

Hand out

Readers (50-50 minutes) Students Log in Choose a book and start reading Set up a Discussion Forum

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