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P.E(meeting on the street
Elementary (American English file) level


In this Practical English lesson, Sts learn (vocabulary part = some basic clothes vocabulary and some key phrases for buying clothes in English.) The story develops: Jenny spills Rob's coffee on his shirt, so he has to buy a new one. While he is looking for a new shirt, Jenny gets a call from somebody named Eddie. Rob comes out of the store and hears the end of her conversation, and wonders who Eddie is. When Jenny sees the shirt he has chosen, she insists he goes back to change it.


Main Aims

  • To provide detailed, gist and specific information listening practice using a text about Meeting on the street in the context of Coffee . friend . Clothes . Phone

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of Some kind of clothes, street, shops in the context of Friendship, phone,


Greeting (1-3 minutes) • Building up rapport

Make my materials ready Greet the class | ask how they feel Check the Ss name

Lead in (engagement) (4-6 minutes) • Make Ss ready , for topic and main listening

I should say the Ss to see the pictures and ask some ICQs about my question and let them think for 2min and get feedback I ask Ss (have you ever spilled coffee on somebody shirt and get feedback

Controlled practice (study) (8-10 minutes) • Scan listening

I have to Focus on the photos at the top of the page and elicit what is happening. Focus on the question and play the audio once the whole way through for Sts to see if their guesses were right and to see what problem Rob has. Because this listening party doesn't have any blocking word let's go to gfq watch the video and talk take note and answer this question watching or listening to audio or video and said that what problem does Rob have in 4 minutes and then I must ask ICQ after that take feedback from a students and monitoring the class Know check the answer in pair in 2 minutes and then ask ICQ after that take feedback Now he's in a game and write more detail (we have ICQ) and then answer the question of parts be and after that check your answer with your partner in 3 minutes after 4 minutes I must ask about the answer and take feedback

Freer practice (activation) (3-5 minutes) • Speaking

I have to Put Sts in pairs. Get them to cover the box (or close their books). Tell them to pretend to knock each other's book or pen off the table, and then apologize and then take feedback form Ss

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