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Elif CELIK 26 Nov Vocabulary/Listening - ''Going to dinner''
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss get to review and practice a range of vocabulary in the context of dinner and also practice listening.


Abc Activities HO
Abc Matching Activity

Main Aims

  • to provide specific vocabulary in the context of dinner meeting

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide detailed listening practice


Lead-In (2-3 minutes) • to raise an interest on the topic

Lead-In Question: 1- Quick Demo. Then, Work with a partner; find out when he/she went out for dinner last time? Then, Teacher gets quick FB by asking a few Ss randomly ; ''when she(your partner) went out for dinner last time?''

Matching Activity- Vocabulary (7-10 minutes) • to improve and review Ss' vocbulary

After Demo, the teacher asks Ss to work in pairs to do the matching activity that focuses on specific vocabulary in the context of a dinner. First exercise will be demonstrated and Ss will be asked to complete the rest in pairs. One AK will be provided to each desk and Ss will be asked to correct their mistakes.

T/F Listening Exercise (6-8 minutes) • to practice Ss' listening skill

The teacher sets the scene on the exercise 1 and asks Ss to read the phrases out very quickly and to decide T/F before listening. Then, 1 (R8.3) she plays the record. Then, she asks Ss to peer check quickly and '' Were your answers true or false?'' I will be playing the record for the second time if needed. Then, Ss will find the AK out outside the class (next to entrance) and once they get the AK, depending on time allowences; I might ask Ss if they had right guesses.

Listening #2 Antonia and Polly (5-8 minutes) • Listening for detail

The teacher sets the context and asks Ss to read the questions very quickly in advance. Then, she plays the record and after playing the record , Ss would have been asked to pair check their answers and it will be played for the second time if needed. Then, AK will be handed out.

''Forming the Words'' Activity (4-7 minutes) • to review Ss' vocabulary on the recent topic

The teacher will be demonstrating the fist example. Then, will set groups of As, Bs (depending on the number of Ss; if needed C's) ask Ss to complete the rest . Then, get quick FB from each group in order. I will ask then to write the answers on the board if time allows , if not AK will be handed out through the projector.

Speaking Activity (3-5 minutes) • to practise Ss' speaking skill

The teacher asks Ss to discuss the provided questions in pairs by ensuring that Ss use the TL - Target vocabulary that they have learnt recently.

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