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TP4-Telling the time
A1(Beginner) level


In this lesson students will learn to ask about the time ......


Abc "Straigtforward" Beginner Ss Book U6A
Abc "What time is it ?" HO
Abc daily routine flash cards
Abc daily routine pictures
Abc Sara's Daily routine HO
Abc Daily routine Survey

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of language used for telling the time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of daily vocabulary routine
  • To provide clarification, review and practice of language used for te


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • reviwe the newly taught terms and connect it to the new lesson

* drawing the picture of my friend Sarah and sticking the pictures around her about the activities that she does every day.and they start saying the complete sentences. the teacher will ask" what does she do?" the answers are : take a shower: she takes a shower every day. go to work: she goes to work every day . eat breakfast : she eats breakfast in the morning eat lunch: she eats lunch in the afternoon. eat dinner: she east dinner at night. go to bed: she goes to bed at night. *after that she will ask at" What time?" Do you know?

Presentation of "telling the time" (12-15 minutes) • teaching how to ask and also tell the time.

*the teacher will draw a picture of a big clock on the board and draws the hands pointing to 1 O'clock and will ask them What time is it ? She will write this Question over the clock. the answer is 1 O'clock .use of different colors is necessary for *she will write it on the board and 2 and three and so tell them when it is exactly a complete number we say o'clock. she will manage the board . the complete hours go to the write side of the board , the clock itself is drawn in the middle. * now the minutes will be added; 1: 20 , 3:45, 6:30, 9:15, 11:55. * then "What time is it?"HO - the teacher will give the instruction and demo on the board and ask ICQ then will distribute and they will write the time of each clock in the picture.(Digital version) they will do it in pairs and and at the end the teacher will give whole class feedback and write the answers on the board.

Listening -telling the time -am/pm (7-9 minutes) • reviewing telling the time in listening

* first the teacher will draw a timeline and show them from what time to what time is "am" and also "pm". Then she will practice the pronunciation of am/pm.she will point out a number in timeline they will say for example :"It's 4:55 pm". or "7 o'clock in the morning " not "7 o'clock am" or just "7 am" * then they will listen to listening exercise 2 on pg 51 of the book and they will circle the time that they heard in each conversation. * the teacher will give the instruction and demo the first conversation , she will give the HO first in this case because they should be able to see the questions first to be able to understand the instruction. *FB: after that they will check with the partner and then the teacher will play in again and pause and give the answers.she will write it on the board, too.

telling the time in daily routines using preposition 'at' (7-9 minutes) • to practice the use of time in daily activities (connecting this lesson to the last one)

* cleaning the board and going back to my friend Sarah again ... sticking the pictures around her drawing and in front of get up draw a clock showing six O'clock , and then the teacher will write: Sarah gets up at 6 O'clock everyday. the preposition 'at' should be written in another color ... *and then the teacher will give the instruction about the HO about Sarah's routine , the example that she wrote was the answer of the first blank space . then, they she will ask some ICQ. like ; "Does she get up on Six?" No,"Does she get up in Six?"NO "Does she get up at Six?" yes.... *they will do it in pairs *FB:she will monitor them while doing it , some error correction might be needed finally she will give the whole class fb by writing the answers on the board.

Asking "What time do you ....?" (3-4 minutes) • Teaching and Practicing "What time do you ....?"

* the teacher shows flash cards which have phrases on it like; get up go to work watch TV have breakfast eat lunch and tells them to ask question from me... They should say "What time do you get up?" and so on .... she will write the Question on the board "What time do you ....?"

Survey about Daily activities(if time) (5-7 minutes) • practice the use of "What time do you...?"

* the teacher will give them a survey that they should walk around the class and ask each other about their daily activities. asking the question "What tine do you....?" writing the name of the person in front of the question and the time the teacher will give the instruction and demo and ask some ICQ like; do you write "What time do you ...? " on the paper? No Do you write the person's name? Do you write the time? FB: and at the end she asks them to tell about their friends .what is their daily routine?

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