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Hotel Reservation TP1a
A1 Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn about spelling their names and pronunciation of the alphabet in the context of a hotel reservation. The lesson will start with flash cards displaying the letters of the alphabet and pronunciation drilling. There will then be listening and spelling exercises followed by a role play.


Abc Role play cards

Main Aims

  • To provide controlled speaking practice and listening for specific information in the context of making hotel reservations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review pronunciation of the alphabet and practise the present simple tense.


Alphabet cards (7-10 minutes) • Teach students the letters of the alphabet with correct pronunciation.

Start by holding cards in front of the students and pronouncing the letters to the group getting the whole group repeat each letter aloud. Repeat letters the the group has problems pronouncing. Then go around the class getting individuals to pronounce one letter as we work through the alphabet. Repeat pronunciation with individuals as they have difficulty.

Spelling and listening excercise (8-10 minutes) • To get students to listen and recognise spelling of names in the hotel reservation context.

Show students the picture of the hotel. Hand out 'Listening exercise handout'. Ask students what the picture is of. Explain that they will listen to a recording about a hotel. Ask students to tick the box next to the names of the people that are staying in the hotel. Play track 21. Explain that the next task is listening to the spelling of names. Instruct students to tick box next to the name on handout that has been spelt out. Play track 24. Ask students for the correct answer and get student to spell the name as teacher writes answer on WB.

Spell Names in pairs. (7-10 minutes) • To get the students to spell the names from previous exercise to each other.

Group the students in to pairs labelling one A and one B. Tell student A to spell the names to their partner (B). Tell student B to point to the name that they can hear being spelt.

Role play (15-20 minutes) • To get students to practice talking making a hotel reservation and spelling names.

Explain to students that they are going to make a hotel reservation and spell names. Give students role play cards that correspond to their group letter. Role play card A1 to students labelled A in previous stage, B1 to students B. Write, 'Excuse me, I have a reservation.... on the WB As student go through role play walk around listening to the exercise assisting student who have difficulty with vocabulary or pronunciation. Go through any mistakes on WB Repeat exercise with second set of role play cards if there is enough time.

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